a 'good brand' for tamoxifen?

hi - I’ve got appointment at GP next week to be prescribed my first lot of ten years of tamoxifen.  I am currently having chemo so will start this at the end of July but have heard different things about side effects with different brands.  Is there a ‘good brand’ that seems to work for most people with limited side effects?  Thanks


Hi jets I have been taking tamoxifen since end of January this year. The brand I have is TEVA and so far so good for me.  I have hot sweats but that’s about it although I know its nots the same for everyone.


Good luck


Charity xx

Hi Jets,
I’ve also had 3 different brands of Tamoxifen and no side effects with any of them so they are definitely not inevitable.

I was worried about the effects from different brands after some of the things I had read but just about to start my third month and they have all been different and I don’t have any real side effects other than a rare flush and some palpitations but nothing really so fingers crossed it continues with the next packet! Xx