a good day today

a good day today

a good day today Just wanted to share with you folks when I have a good day, just to balance things out a bit. Always feel good after seeing my grand kids who came over for a few hrs today. When they go I have jaw ache from smiling!

Other half didn’t get the job which is crap coz the interview went so well. Still, on a positive note, he got straight back on the computer and looked for more jobs. In the past I had to force him into this by ‘nagging’. We are still skint but just about managing.

My health is better too, I’m sure there is a corrolation between my mental state and my aches and pains. Been having my cyst seen to since friday. Had it lanced and now it is packed and dressed each day, painfull but better each day. Hoping tomorrow will be the last day of packing (with a wick), oooohh sore! And it’s right were my bra strap goes too.

4 more rads then hormones, nearly there. Hope my fellow compardres who are at the same stage as me are also feeling ok.

Love Irene

hi Irene I am so glad to read that things are looking up for you I have read all your posts and I did really feel for you. I have got a husband who isnt much good either. Actually he is a waste of space it makes you realize just how strong you have to be when they just dont seem to care. I fell down the stairs last night and he didnt even bother I hurt my back bad I can hardly walk that is why I am up at this time he is in bed snoaring away (with not a care in the world) I have only got 2 chemos left and then when I get well things in theis house will change if I felt well enough now I would leave but then why should I leave all my home comforts for him he wouldnt even care. I am 48 and been married to him for 20 years I now feel I dont know the man at all. He was A joiner and he hasent been to work since I have been ill since last November dont know why cause he isnt any good here he just sits around all day drinking coffee and smoking I dont think I will be able to stand it anymore. I feel my whole life is caving in around me. I have also learned not to feel sorry for myself as you dont get ant sympathy in this house.So you are not alone out there. If and when I get through this I will never feel the same towards him again. You know what they say what goes around comes around. Sorry to have a big moan but I feel better already You Take Care LindaX