A Good Distraction

Hi Ladies

Hope you don’t mind me sharing my news but at this time whilst I’m waiting to start surgery & treatment for a recurrence thought I’d share some non-cancer stuff that is helping me smile a bit at this dark point.

I love music and both play in a band and write songs. Terry Wogan is having a song writing competition (called Oldie Composers aimed at any one over the age of 40 and I qualify for this by 3 years). He’s raising money for Barnardos through the competition and I’ve managed to get down to the final 50 songs. To get through to the next stage (celebrity judging By Terry himself and some other radio 2 DJs) I need lots of votes for my song and wondered if I could ask you to come support me and vote for my song. Just need to visit the website and click on the box to vote for my song One In A Million (song no.34).

I wrote & recorded songs whilst off sick last time I fought cancer. Found it gave me a positive way of spending time when unable to work and I have to say it helped! Would be nice to get a step further in this competition and not just focussing on what lies ahead for me to get rid of this again in 2012. Oldiecomposers.com is the website…just hope i don’t get told off for posting this!

Thank you so much. Hugs to you all in your battles.

Twinky x x


Done!! and best of luck to you.

Cathie xx

Just listened to it, beautiful :slight_smile: You have my vote.

Best of luck

Love it and have voted for it. Good luck.


…just listened to it too-lovely song and voice.x

Hi Twinky,

3 votes from us!

The song is beautiful - just the type of music my OH and I love. Have you had any other recordings? We’d certainly buy them.

Good luck - I’ll spread the word with friends too!


Ps - hope you don’t mind I’m asking my FB friends too!

Hi Twinky,
What a beautiful song. You have a lovely voice.
Is that you on guitar too?
You’ve got my vote.
Thank you.
Kate x

Thats lovely, ive just voted for it too. Best of luck x

You have my vote, absolutely beautiful.


Got my vote too.


Voted - what a beautiful song, you are very talented :slight_smile:

Dugsy x

What a great voice, vote done and well deserved xx

Brilliant you sound great.Great song and a great voice .Good luck with the song and with your treatment.
Voted .Sharon xx

Very good… Voted

fantastic news. well done! x

In the imfamous expression - three words… FAB - U - LOUS!

Great voice, great guitar, great lyrics… you got my vote too.

Loved it, you have a great voice hun. My vote is submitted xxx I pray for your success.

Another vote from me, and I have emailed the link to all my contacts and posted it on my Facebook page.

Good luck and please let us know how you get on

Mazzalou xxx

Brilliant lovely song. Voted!

great song lovely voice. voted