a little light hearted nonsense to amuse ourselves

The Tax Train.

I see the track is running,
Its running me round the bend,
I dont seem to have had a good time since…
I dont know when,
Its time again for poison,
Its taxy number 5,
Keep it coming Oncy, its keeping me alive.

Im feeling not too bad now,
Its like I always do,
Get to day 3 and, I KNOW I’ll feel like poo!
My head is east and west now,
I dont know who I am,
My kids think I’ve gone barmy,
I believe my name is STAN!!!

Days 4 and 5 are endless,
I spend them all in bed,
Day 6 and 7 better,
I’ve almost now got my head,
Day 8 and 9 my mouths shot,
No taste, no strength, no energy,
By day 10 and 11 its nearly almost me.

Well after that, whatever, I think you will all agree,
If we can get through this folks,
Bring anything on literally,
And as for the big old “C” word,
What does that mean for me?

C for I CAN do it,
A for its an ARSE,
N for NEVER here again,
C for take a CHANCE,
E its almost ENDED,
R never to RETURN.

So KEEP ON GOING buddies,
Together we WILL make that tax train burn!!!

Come on folks, join in the fun, It doesnt even have to rhyme, but i found it helped me to just think about poking a bit of humour at it.


Brilliant! Just what I needed post day 11 of tax x thanks

Well done Liz. Needed that entertainment after yesterday - day one of Taxols and been awake since 1.45 - blooming steroids. Not to mention everything that went on yesterday!!! Adi x