A little reassurance

I had my WLE and LNB on Wednesday and I have to admit I was scared stupid. However it was nothing like I’d imagined and although I know we are all at different stages and react differently I hope this will reassure some. The guide wire insertion was totally painless, in fact I laughed at this long thin wire with a piece of sticky tape on the end sticking out of my breast like an aerial. Yes they did tape it down after. The injection in neuro medicine (I forget what it’s called) was again painless and the operation went ahead without any problems. I was warned my wee would be blue but the bright blue breast was a surprise. Home the next morning with just paracetamol for any pain. Today - day two - it’s a bit sore and I’m very tired but to be honest I’m glad it’s a little sore as that reminds me not to lift anything heavy or overstretch. I’ve got my follow up appointment in five weeks and my practice nurse will remove or change the dressing at the end of next week.

All in all it hasn’t been at all bad, I know too well how frightening the diagnosis is but so far the treatment has gone smoothly. I wish for all of you waiting for surgery the same smooth journey as mine.

Stay strong, we can beat these, we are warriors.


Thank you for posting. I am going in for surgery next Tuesday 6th, hospital visit on the 5th for the dye. Thought I was fine until yesterday when panic set in. Your post had helped me put things in perspective


Hi there
I’m new to this forum . I have an invasive Ductal carcinoma in right breast. I am down for a breast mammoplasty and also a reduction in left breast for symmetry . I have to go into hospital on the 26 th March for the wire procedure and sentinel node biopsy … then have surgery first thing in the 27 th … my cancer was picked up in a routine mammogram . I have no lump or symptoms… I am so scared of the op itself and worried how I will cope . I’ve had a bit of a wait so lots of time to worry . Any words of advise on how others managed this anxiety/ fear and what your experience has been like would be greatly appreciated… thank you …

@llanwinno123 - how are you? How did last week go? Thinking of you x

@bella05 - yes it is scarey and of course you are frightened. I actually was in total denial - breast cancer? me? no, couldn’t be possible. Typical head in the sand. Even now weeks later when I’ve had my results and everything is clear I’m still questioning myself as to if it really happened. But please trust me when I say that the pre-op procedures and the actual surgery itself are nowhere near as scarey as you are imagining. Everybody understands how traumatic this is for you and they go out of their way to look after you and reassure you. You will be absolutely fine and if you want to talk, rant, scream just remember we are all in this together and here for each other. Sending you a big hug x

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Thank you nannabee… I think the denial does play a part for me too … thanks

@nannabee - surgery was nowhere near as bad as I had expected. Good post op results with clear margins and nothing in the lymph nodes removed . Planning meeting for radiotherapy next week .
@bella05 - my 2 tumours were picked up on a routine mammogram and like you I had no symptoms . I think that not having a noticeable lump or suspicious area can make it all so unreal……

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@llanwinno123 - brilliant news, waiting for my radiotherapy appointment- we’ve kicked it’s butt. Let me know how things go, xx

@bella05 - thinking of you and sending you healing vibes. Need you joining llanwinno and I in the kicking cancers butt club. Please keep in touch. xx


Thank you for responding . I also have 2 tumours . Sounds like my treatment plan is similar to yours . Glad your surgery went well with good results . Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:for the same outcome . Hope all goes well with your radiotherapy treatment . It’s so reassuring to hear other people’s experiences and to not feel alone with this .

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Will do … this has been helpful will keep in touch … sending healing vibes to you both !