A little worried

Hi all, I am new to the site and am hoping that someone can help with a niggling worry that I have. I have just completed 4 rounds of Chemo for breast cancer and am witing to start 33 session of radiation. Since I had my operation at the end of June I have been experiencing stinging pains that are not just in one area they can occur anywhere and last just a few seconds, to be honest I am worried that even though the cancer has been removed and I had clear margins and no node involvement that maybe it is back and spreading. Has anyone else here experienced this kind of stinging pain?


Sorry, I don’t know the answer but I would think it more likely to do with side-effects of the chemo. I just wanted to say that you will get tremendous support here and someone will be along to help you soon, I am sure. Alternatively, ring the helpline here, to talk it over with an understanding person.

Love Ann x

Hi Chelbi

As Ann has mentioned please do give the BCC helpline a call to talk this through with one of our trained members of staff. Here you can share your concerns and the staff on the helpline will be able to offer you support and information. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 and the lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 2pm.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards
Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Actually when I was on chemo I experienced exactly what you mention.I rang my bcn and she reassured me that is just the chemo sensitising the breast tissue.I also rang BCC helpline[as I often did]and they were reassuring too and actually recommended I ring bcn.The Helpline really is an excellent service and was often my first port of call in the early days.
Good Luck

I had the same thing sometimes on chemo and I know others did too. It’s happening again on rads so don’t be surprised if you get very tender and your boob gets a bit zingy again when the rads start. It all sounds very normal, but if you’re worried have a word with your Onc to put your mind at rest.

Thank you so much everyone for the replies & advice, it’s great to know I am not alone. I did mention this twice to my doctors and did not get a reason for it and to be honest I felt a bit stupid for asking then so I thought I would ask the experts (those of you that have been through it)I was not very clear in my first post though, I realised that when I read it back. The stinging pain I discribe is not just in my breasts it travels around my body and I was having it before I started on chemo but I think it started after I had the lump removed. Ladies I do hope you are all doing well, I myself am pretty positive but I do get worried from time to time and I am sure that is natural :slight_smile:


Hi Chelbi

It could just be your nerves in other areas reacting to the damage to the ones in your breast. Even though it’s the nerves there that are damaged by the op, and the ones that we feel zinging for months after the op and rads (yep, the rads starts it off again, but it dies down quite quickly), it could just be the chain reaction if you know what I mean. The nervous system is all pretty much linked, and damaged nerves do take a long time to repair.

And being worried from time to time is so natural! :smiley:

Thanks so much Carole, that puts my mind so much at rest, sounds like you know exactly what I was talking about. Thank you :slight_smile:

Be Well

I have posted this for new user Sharon.
Jo, Facilitator

Hi all,
im just been diagnosed with dcis breast cancer just wondering if they is any one out their who has had operation done lump removed and surrounding tissue. Has any one had this done whilst being awake can any one let me know how this felt under local anaesthetic ?

Hi Sharon,

Is there any reason you dont want a general anaesthetic? I just went thru a lumpectomy on Monday and honestly, I would not have wanted to be awake for it.

By the way, can anyone tell me if it is true that I shouldnt have blood taken or my blood pressure taken on that side now?

I think you can’t have your blood pressure, or blood tests or injections taken on the arm if you have had lymph nodes removed.

I agree with mnc

You cant have anything done to the affected arm if lymph nodes have been removed. You have to be very careful with any cuts or stings and may need antibiotics if you get any of these. The lymph acts like a sieve for bacteria so, as that system isn’t functioning, any damage to the arm needs to be avoided (i’m a nurse as well as having bc!)

Julia xx