A lump only I can feel to touch - fear of recurrence

Good afternoon to all

I had my annual family history high-risk category mammogram in late July, where I mentioned a lump in my right breast (my diagnosis was in 2015, aged 45, left breast; my mother and grandmother had breast cancer at 45/ovarian cancer at 64 respectively and my sister now diagnosed with BC in Sept).

So, the mammogram was fine but followed up with an ultrasound, on the area I felt the lump. On examination, the medic couldn’t feel it & the US showed nothing of sufficient size to perform a biopsy on. I was told to get in touch if I was still concerned a few months down the line. I can still feel the lump - but still, neither my partner nor my GP can. Nonetheless, I have been referred on 2WW to the breast clinic. Has anyone else had this happen - I’m starting to feel like I’m wasting everyone’s time, imagining things and causing unnecessary drama at quite the worst time of year. I had planned to have it checked again in October but have been helping organize my sister’s treatment (she has just started her radiotherapy.). 


it is a lot of going on for you at the moment, i am very sorry. I am not a medical professional, but i just had a thought, can you as your GP (of privately)  test your cancer’s markers?

Just before i was diagnosed , my cancer’s markers CA 27.29 and CA 15.3 were both  really high.Most likely what you are feeling is something else like a tissue irregularity, these are pretty common after radiotherapy if you had it.

With your  personal and family  history maybe it will be a good idea to get a genetic testic done, if you have not had a chance yet? I just was considering are you and your sister BRCA positive- it is useful to know for the next generation too.

also would it be sensible to consider preventative mastectomy - of course this is a major decision and probably it is not a right time at the moment.

take good care.