a message for SueBee

a message for SueBee

a message for SueBee Hi there suebee

I was thinking about you whilst on hol last week and wondered how you n your friend where doing?

I have just caught up on the thread u started ‘feeling a failure’ incidentally I am glad your job finishes Dec 13th – you have made the right choice and its time for you to concentrate on you, your family and friends – in that order!

Has your friend got in touch with you since your email? I was reading what supersue had to say, and to some degree I agree with what she says. BC is hard enough for us to have to deal with, let alone those around us too, they need support and need to know how to react with us as the ‘casualties’ of bc.

I sincerely hope you have both worked it out, friends are hard to find these days and a rift over BC wont help matters.

Take care hun and loadsa luv adele xxxxx

Thanks Adele for thinking of me. Yes my friend emailed full of apologies. Said she regretted sending the message as soon as it had gone! She is back in the UK now so I will see her on 23rd December. I’ve known her too long for this to drive a wedge between us. You are right, friends are hard to find, it seems harder as one gets older. I have lived in this village for nearly 10 years and still only have one friend locally. Maybe it’s my fault for not getting out and about more. But when you feel low you feel like nobody wants to know you anyway, that you’re not worth knowing. I still feel like that.

Can’t wait to leave work, tho I expect I’ll get bored in January! Thanks again and my best to you.

hi Sue

thats good news about your m8 innit. i am so glad for you both becha cant wait till u c her then?

i know what you mean about your last statement tho’ its hard innit, but it does help - when you read on here - that we’re not the only ones

you wont get bored once work has finished you will find plenty to do. im a stay at home mum (did do 3days vountary at a nursery b4 my op) and still there arent enough hours in the day. mybe cos its christmas and there is so much to catch up on i dunno we shall have to see

maybe u n i shud get to getha after the crim, eh?

take care hun loadsa luv to u xxxxxxxxxx

Adele Thanks again, I don’t have kids to keep me occupied, just a manic cat and husband! If I am ever Wigan way it’d be nice to look you up, it’s a bit of a way from Banbury! Thanks again for your kind words