A Message of Hope

Hi everyone, I just want to share my story of what has happened to me over the past few weeks.

I went into hospital for my bloods and my first consultation to start chemotherapy and ended up being admitted that same day. My memories are vague but I know I had my chemo on the Wednesday. I had raised calcium levels and I also had to go for a brain scan which came back ok.

By Thursday I had deteriorated rapidly, my hand/eye coordination was terrible, I could barely write my own name and I was very confused. I was moved to a private room and my Husband and Mum were contacted to come through as soon as possible.

They rushed through and although I have no memory of this I was in a very bad way and they were told my liver was failing and they were told I was going to die within a few days. I was asked where I wanted to go, I chose to go home and left hospital on the Saturday.

I have been home now for nearly three weeks, I had my blood results yesterday and the consultant was amazed. My bilirubin levels when I left hospital were 5 times what they should have been and are now almost back to normal.

I’ve been given the go ahead for my treatment to continue three weeks after being sent home to die. I feel better physically than I have done in probably 10 weeks at least and I’m steadily getting my strength back.

I just wanted to share this with you all to show that there is always hope. I’m still here and I genuinely thought I wouldn’t be when I first came back home.

Hi Sazzle,

I was so sorry to read about all the trauma you have recently been through - though what an amazing outcome!  That is an incredible chain of events and I am so happy for you that you are feeling better than you were.  I am sending you lots of love and hugs and I hope that every day you get a little better and a little stronger xxx

Thank you so much for sharing.  It really puts things into perspective that doctors can just never know with absolute certainty about these things.

So glad your feeling much better. Iv had a similar story . After my surgery and all was healed I was due to start chemo but on the day they realised my liver function tests were extremely high including a very high bilirubin level. My bloods before my op were normal.   Panic stations and I had emergency scans as they thought I had a blockage somewhere. It was a very frightening worrying time. Over the days I had several scans and repeat blood tests and even ref to a liver specialist to rule out auto immune etc . I was unable to start chemo until my liver tests were correct. Over the weeks they steadily dropped back down and have now been consistently back to normal. Nobody can understand why my bloods were so off the chart. One thing that came out of it all was I was diagnosed initially with stage 2 and  treatment of chemo and radio . Due to all the scans they discovered secondary in bone which wouldn’t of been picked up if my liver function tests hadn’t of played up. It was a massive shock but my treatment plan had to totally change and be more pacific. Maybe someone was looking Out for me  after all. Six months on and my liver function tests have been completely normal. 
Thanks for sharing


Thats amazing!!! yes your message is a message of hope. so pleased for you! xx

Thank you for sharing hope - we all certainly need this!

Take care