A new breast lump whilst on Letrozole


Hello everybody, I was originally diagnosed in 2007 with grade 2 Her2+ and ER+ breast cancer.  I had a left mastectomy and ANC, chemo, rads and Herceptin.  I was originally on Tamoxifen but was switched to Letrozole a couple of years back because of intermenstrual bleeding (I had not had a period for years!)  As I was postmenopausal I was switched to Letrozole.


I have now discovered a lump in my right breast.  It does not feel too big and the GP thinks it might be mobile which I believe could be a good thing.  I am going to the clinic a week today for a ‘rapid assessment’!


I was just wondering if anyone had ever heard of someone getting breast lumps whilst on Letrozole.  I know it could be a fibroadenoma (maybe unlikely given I am postmenopausal) or a cyst - if it was a cancer, I suppose it could be a new primary?  


Thanks everyone xxxx

Hi Polly,
There are certainly other ladies here who have found lumps after treatment, which when checked out, was not bc again, so hopefully all will be well.
Thankfully, you’re getting this checked out promptly.
ann x

Hi polly
I’ve been on letrozole for a year and had a check up fairly recently as Dr found a painful lump near my surgery. It turned out to be scar tissue. But specialist did mention that letrozole can produce cysts, as if you were menopausal.
Best wishes
Sue xx

Fingers crossed for you Polly. Let us know how you get on xx

I asked the same question. If you look on ask our nurses in the secondary section there is a reply there from a bc nurse. Hope this helps.

Hi I couldn’t feel a lump. My bust just felt different. Since then I’ve had a chest xray done and bloods. Everything is clear. And my bust feels better now. Hope everything goes ok x

Let us know how you get on. Fingers crossed x

Oh Polly …i don’t know what to say. Just feel for you.
To have to go though it all again must be devastating.
Sending you a massive hug xxx

Hi Polly.
Sorry it wasn’t stright forward today. I’m 8 years from first being diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and and 17 months from inoperable breast cancer. Like you said even being on treatment you still need to check and if somthing doesn’t feel right keep pushing. . I was told mine was down to scaring and radiotherapy. Clearly not. We know our own bodies. Sending you hugs.

Hi Polly,
Sorry to see that you’re going through this all over again, but thank goodness you were vigilant, it’s certainly something we should all take on board.
Wishing you the very best with it all & sending hugs
ann x

Hi Helena and Sue, I posted results I got last night yesterday! However, will ask more questions today. Thanks for the great support xxx

Hi soi soi, thanks for your reply! I hope your side effects aren’t too bad and get better as time goes on. I’ve been on both tamoxifen and letrozole so if I start exomestane it will be my 3rd one!
Pollym x