A new point of interest found after mri

Hi all. Can i just ask a question please. My breast care nurse has just phoned to say that another area of interest has been found after my mri last friday. She didnt know where it was inrelation to the 2 already that are there which are 3.5cm apart, they are 11mm and 13mm each, now a 3rd had been found. I am now in panic mode as I was thinking just they would remove the two and leave a 5.5 cm scar, I am so unsure of what i am now feeling, just feel sick again. I cant wait another 2 weeks for the biopsy results to come back again. I just want this sorted. Sorry, im not even sure ive asked a question, I’ve just ranted. I’m so sorry to be a negative ninny. X


Hello @sh18

No need to apologise, we’ve all been there, the scans, the waits, the need to know it all impacts us massively and when we find ourselves with questions and no answers, our minds go into overdrive attempting to provide the answers

The best way to get through this stage is to try to just take it one step at a time, try distracting yourself with things that you like to do, whatever that might be: exercise reading baking sewing gaming whatever!

You have to try and tell yourself that your team know what they are doing, the mri was done to make sure they have found everything and whilst this is causing you more uncertainty, it is to ensure that you get absolutely the right treatment

In the meantime BCN is here for you so please feel free to posting and vent as much as want to

Big hugs :hugs:

AM xxx


Hi @sh18
To echo what @adoptedmanc has said, there is no need to apologise at all and the forum is a space to be able to unload these things.

Please do consider giving our nurses a call on our helpline 0808 800 6000. It might be helpful to chat it all through with them, even if it is just to not have it all going round your head and being bottled up.

Either way all of us here on the forum are here for you :two_hearts:


That was a helpful bit of advice.


I had similar happen. Surgery was scheduled, I’d even had pre op assessment then MRI showed up something else and everything was delayed. Had to have another biopsy which came back negative so surgery was scheduled again. MDT were unhappy with the biopsy so surgery was postponed again (this time I’d had all the pre op bloods etc so had been certain it would be going ahead). Some other stuff went on but basically I ended up with a second opinion confirming the biopsy was correct and the second area benign. I’ve now had surgery a month ago and only the tumour was removed. The plan had been to remove this ‘area of concern’ too which would have meant much more tissue removed and worse cosmetic result. I had wanted this to get things moving quicker. I won’t lie, the waiting was awful, but on reflection this process has meant the best outcome for me. Your team are now trying to make sure they do the very best for you too. Good luck. x

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Thank you to you all for your replies. I need to get Tuesday done now, and hopefully a plan will be made. I am dreading a mastectomy for some reason, its not because of what will happen, it is the surgery and recovery, i am certainly not vain about what my body looks like, even if its is a lumpectomy which leaves scarring and irregular shape, its just the operation itself and the recovery, i am probably overthinking and have read lots of information in the internet and probably scared myself stupid. I’m stopping the internet rubbish now and as i only slept for 2 hours last night, i am quite emotional. Thank you for your messages. Xx