A new week

hi ladies,

well, Monday is here. I know this week is an important week for so many of us… results, first breast clinic appointments/scans/tests, consultant appointments. Just wanted to say I am thinking of you all, especially those who have been feeling particularly low lately. Hope you all had a good weekend?

My sleepless nights have started up again even tho I didn’t think I was worrying much. So I am looking forward to having Wednesday out of the way. Also woke up this morning and altho my lump is still there my nipple & areola are looking the most normal they have looked since all this started- no sore patches or skin. Not sure whether to still mention it to the consultant/doctor or not.

Well, again, sending you all hugs & love & prayers for the coming week. Almost there.


Hi Nannie

Yeah think this is a busy week for us all. I have onc on Wednesday, you have your appoint. Claire has her appoint and LJ has her appoint on Thursday. And think there are a few more of us having results or appoints, sorry if can’t remember, but good luck to all of us and let us know how you all get on.

Nannie would def. mention everything to your consultant on Wednesday, no matter if things seem to be looking normal, as at least if you tell them it can be covered and discussed, whereas if you don’t, if anything like me, as soon as it gets to wednesday night, then your nipple & areola will look like they did … sods law and all that. So def. tell them for your own sake.

Good luck to each and everyone of us and hope you get to sleep tonight Nannie.

Also, to show how crap my brain is right now, thought my daughters preschool teachers coming for home visit tomorrow and there they were banging on the door at 9.40 - had to dash upstairs to put my hair on LOL. Must have thought I was a maniac, as so not ready for them. Told them though, so can keep an eye on Sophie in case.

Take care all

Hi Nanny and Dawn

Nanny, I agree with Dawn, you must tel Onc everything. This might be how things go and if you don’t tell him he can’t make a diagnosis without all the facts. Just get in there, tell him all that has happened and it will help him to sort you out.

Dawn, how are you? I can’t wait for this week to be over, hopefully it will end with good news for everyone.

Changing the subject, I never know where to post things, start a new conversation or post on one already on the go. Had a rough weekend one way or another, I was in one of my “quiet thoughtful” moods last night, couldn’t sleep, and was thinking of everyone I talk to on here, thinking of my Dad, thinking of my son and hubby, in the end got quite miserable thinking what on Earth have we done to deserve all this. We all continue with our day to day lives and yet have huge burdens resting on our shoulders and yet we carry on to the best of our abilities. Some people have nothing significant to worry about but moan constantly about their lives, do they not realise how lucky they are. Sometimes I wish I could just write down everything I am feeling physically and emotionally and stick it under their noses and point out to them that they should be enjoying their lives now whilst they can, they don’t know what’s around the corner. Then when I think that, my problems are nowhere near as bad as some of you lovely ladies out there and yet at the mo I am feeling really down and need to get things off my chest - when I read it back to myself I think goodness, stop being melodramatic and get on with things. Hard when your’e scared and miserable.

I always try and post things on here in a cheerful and happy way but just recently everything has been going wrong and I can’t seem to pull myself out of it. Have hurt my shoulder badly, don’t know how, having trouble lifting my disabled son, doctor changed my calcium tablets (Alendronic Acid) and have had such a rotten tummy since last Thursday, feeling sick, upset stomach, pain, wind, and soon soon as I eat something feel full up. Hubby thinks its because I am under so much stress with my dying Dad - life sucks at the mo.

Sorry, promised myself I wouldn’t complain on here and to give everybody my love and support, still do that, but at least I have said what I needed to say.

Come ladies, give me a kick up the backside, tell me to stop feeling sorry for myself and that there are so many of you in a much worse position that me.

Love you all

Hi Dawn & Kelly,

thanks for your comments. I think i will still tell the doctor. Although I am glad the areola is looking better I have actually been more worried about the nipple and areola changes than the little lump itself. I have done way too much research on the internet… silly me. ANYWAY, I will let them know and they can decide what to do next!

K… sorry you are feeling so low… no kick coming from me! You have a lot going on right now and it’s understandable you are feeling very burdened & upset. Don’t feel like you are complaining… this is a safe place to be honest and no-one will judge you. Sometimes just writing things down can be very therapeutic and we can share your pain and feelings & try and support you through the tough times. Much better to have more than one person help us carry our burdens. Take care, Kelly.

Dawn… you made me smile when you said how you ran upstairs to put your hair on! You are keeping your sense of humour in all of this. I marvel at all of you going through treatment. You are always posting encouraging messages to people- don’t know how you do it!

Much love to you both and all the ‘best’ for this week. Hang in there,


Hi K

You certainly don’t need a kick up the backside, and you can feel however you want. We are all entitled to our very bad days or weeks and can be as emotional as we want. Agree about others moaning about the slightest thing, like a headache or whatever, and I think god, what would you be like in my position,or I think, wish all I had was a headache.

Don’t be hard on yourself, you are going through such a difficult time, what with your poor Dad and then being a carer for your son and going through bc too. It is an emotional rollercoaster made even more difficult for you at this present time. But you will get through it and you will be back to your bouncy happy self but it takes time. Give yourself the time. Sorry your tablets have made you feel sick too, can you not speak to the docs to see if anything can be done to help you. Wish I could give you a big cuddle and try to help you, as my words seem so inadequate.

Think you need a little me time, and stop beating yourself up so much. You are a wonderful lady and a wonderful mum, reckon your son probably thinks you are a mum in a million for everything you do.

Take care of yourself and lets keep smiling together. And please do not worry about moaning on here or thinking there are worse of people than you, cos we are all in the same boat no matter what our symptoms, we still need to get through the treatment etc.

Lots of Love


You just made me laugh saying you laughed about me running up stairs to put my hair on. Sounds really silly doesn’t it, but it is true. Had towel on my head … LOL LOL.

Take care

Hi Nanny

Thank you so much, logged off for a little while, came back and read my post. What a silly billy I am. Everyone has down moments and everyone suffers side effects in one form or another from their medication, how I would love to flush it all away, but I will continue with my treatment - too scared not to. It doesn’t help seeing my Dad the way he is, so I do apologise.

Keep positive and keep well.

Love K

Good afternoon ladies!!!

I send you all a big hug!!! just softly…still feel like hot pins are shooting up my breasts and no matter how I try to come oss the pain killers I can not stand it…it will be a week tomorrow since I had it done and it still feels very painfull and so is my sore throat from the tube and I am still so very tired all the time!!

Good luck to all of us this week!!! I am certain we will all be fine! But it is hard to be brave and we are allowed to feel down and have a moan!!! After all we are all human!!

I am dreading hubby going back to work tomorrow and can not see what I will do without him…ahhh well ladies keep smiling and here’s to a good week!!!

LJ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


So good to hear from you. Really sorry to read that you are still in so much pain, what did they do to you. Have you got an infection or something? What about stitches, are they sore? How’s your Mum - is she helping or still driving you mad.

Sorry for my rant above, feel quite embarrassed now, very emotional, must be the medication and menopause combined, who said life was easy.

Have you any help at home and what time do you go to get your results - I believe its on Wednesday or Thursday, do please let me know.

Speak to you in a minute.

How’s Claire by the way, hope she’s ok, I have to keep logging on and off at present so am probably missing the plot a bit.

Love K

Hi K

As I said above, please don’t apologise for speaking your mind. You are so entitled to it, and we are all here for you, so please stop beating yourself up. We have all done the same and will all do it again, thats what this is for. Don’t be embarrassed either cos you are under so much stress at the moment, and probably helps to write it all down.

Anyway, take care

Hi Louby

Glad to see you, sorry you are still in so much pain and your throat is still hurting. Is there nothing else they can give you to help. I hope you won’t be overdoing things though when hubby back at work, easier said than done I know, but you need to still rest. I hope all goes OK for thursday too, will be keeping everything crossed for you.

Take care

Hello ladies

how are all my dear friends doing. Sorry iv been a bit of a moaner lately but with the help of my dear dear friend LJ im starting to believe the worlds not against me.
How r u all doing. I hope your all well, as well as you can be that is.
Its a big week for some of us so i think we all need each other for a little support. Madgal we are all here for you sweetheart, dont do this alone.

luv ya all
claire xxxx

HI Claire! Have been wondering where you’ve been… always good to hear from you :slight_smile:

Glad to hear things are looking up a bit for you now. Did you ever get that business with FTC sorted out? Thinking of you this week, especially on Wednesday. Wish we could just fast-forward! I am praying for a calm couple of days for you.

K… don’t apologise for what you wrote earlier! I honestly didn’t think you were whining… you are going through more than I can imagine having to go through. Stay strong!

LJ… sorry you are in so much pain still :frowning: Many hugs to you. Get plenty of rest.

Much love to all,



hi all!!!

There is no betterplace to come and moan…thats what we are all here for isnt it girls!!! its a big pool of love so K and anyone eles that needs it dive right in theres room for everyone!!!

I am doing better bit by bit…had infection which is now responding to meds…results thursday 1110 fingers crossed…think there is a few getting them on weds??? fingers crossedxxxx

Wasn’t going to drink any wine this week, doctors orders - said to cut it down to 3 times a week, 2 glasses each time, but hey, I think a glass or two of wine is better than any medication as long as it is in moderation. Anyone care to join me.

Going to be very “mushy” here - I really appreciate your love and friendship and hope that I am able to do the same. Things don’t seem so bad when you talk them through but this afternoon, I don’t know why, everything got on top of me, my hubby said I have got to learn not to be Superwoman, that I am not the same as I was 3 years ago and have got to learn to be a little more selfish, to learn to say “no” occasionally when family in particular make demands that I can’t fulfil. Tried to talk to my Mum earlier, I know she has a lot on her plate with Dad, but all she said was that Dad was making her so depressed because she can’t go out when she wants to because she has to look after him. I felt like telling her she will have all the time in the world very soon for going out and she should remember her marriage vows “through sickness and in health” - wasn’t brave enough though. If I am honest I am a little frightened of my Mum lol

Anyway, hope you are all OK, Claire nice to hear from you and LJ, please do something about that pain your’e in, noone should have to suffer pain.

Nanny and Dawn, I love you guys too. See, another mushy moment, goodness knows what I am going to sound like after the wine. Hope to speak to you all tonight.

Love K

K enjoy that wine Girl!!! we all think the world of you and my mother scares me too …god knows why when I have spent my entire life bailing her out!!! I am trying to sort the pain but I don’t want to live on pain killers forever and trying to see if plain old ibuprofen will do it…not yet LOL xxx

hi all,
good luck to all geting results and appts

been ok today, i,m tired still packing got the office to pack so not looking forward to that,lol

heard from sil today she wants a wake at the funeral at a club instead of sanwiches at the home, i told her i will not be going to the club, i just dont like the impersonal way.

i keep having a cry here and there

sweet nanny i am sure you must be scared but try and stay poss i love you all babes

Hi cee…

can’t believe you are in the midst of packing with everything else that’s going on in your life! Bless you! Hope this move will be a good one for you… you need some positive things!

Thanks for your positive thoughts… I am doing ok… I am sure my scan will show up a cyst and they will be wondering what all the fuss was about & send me home with no further testing! So I am really working my mind hard to think on this and deep down I feel fine about it all. Now and then I have read stuff which worries me with the nipple symptoms but even that’s now cleared up! I feel like a fraud really with a little lump wasting people’s time. Well, that’s how I am feeling at the moment. I just really can’t imagine facing what many on this site are facing at-all. Although I have prepared myself for any diagnosis or outcome I just can’t imagine dealing with BC like the women on here. They are amazingly strong.

Well, I am just waffling here! Sorry!

Take care and thinking of you this week… hang in there cee.


I’m new to this discussion, so hope its OK to make my first posting here!
Following routine mammogram 3 weeks ago (just before we went on holiday), this morning saw me off to the Review Clinic. I got the letter last week, and have been in a bit of a daze since then, and have spent hours on this website. Weekend was difficult, but had a long standing commitment I had to honour.
Going to the clinic is a bit of a trek - we live in one of the most beautiful but far-flung corners of the country and have to take a flight to get to specialist clinics. So it was a very early start this morning.
About 9 years ago I had fine needle aspiration, but today it was more mammograms, ultrasound, then core biopsy for calcifications. Boy, things have moved on in 9 years! I was pretty impressed with the care I received - they had to hunt hard for those calcifications, but found them in the end!
Now awaiting results, which hospital says will take about 10 days.
Lots more I could write, but at present just relieved today is over, and hoping for more than a few hours sleep tonight.
Well, this has been one Monday I’ll not forget for a while!
All good wishes

nanny, you take as much time as you want honey, your a real person with a breast prob, and it needs to be sorted, i pray it is a cyst which they can drain while your there
try and stay poss your a wonderful gal, and we are here to support each other

we have a date to move by its the 21st but we will move poss a week later as son is buying the fam home so wont kick me out too quick lol

i,m waiting on the breast clinic to give me the date for my 3rd appt

i pray it is not with that blooming consultant

bless you sweetie