A period after a year on Zoladex??

Hi Everyone 


I’ve been taking tamoxifen and having Zoladex injections for 15 months now. My period stopped after the second Zoladex injection but just weirdly I got a very heavy period recently. This wasn’t just an odd bleed, it was a normal period, pains and length of time as it’s always been in the past. Could this be a faulty batch of Zoladex? I’m booked in for a scan but worried about it, I’ve read that the lining of the womb can thicken and wonder if its this? I guess you mind wanders when you’ve had cancer and there could be a tendency to think the worst. 


It would be great to hear from anyone with a similar experience. 





I have been on tamoxifen since dec 2013 and had a normal period july 2014. I havent had anything since.