A ps from Corsa

Forgot to say , ask Rads team if they played music said yes they did, but if I did not want music that was ok , after seeing some of the mail about music I said no thanks, bet they thought I was a miserable devil. Bobbie

Hi Bobbie

I am sure they won’t give it a second thought. Some people find music soothing, others find it irritating. As long as you are polite and dont tell them to turn their “BL**dy music off” or the like, you will be OK!!! When I first started my rads, the girls were a bit formal, but after a couple of sessions, they were calling me by my first name. I think like most health professionals, they will be guided by you. Once you have been a few times, you will no doubt find it less of on ordeal and they will sense this and be less formal as your chemo nurses were. It doesnt go on for ever, Bobbie, so as they say, lay back and think of England or whoever or whatever!

All the best


Hi Bobbie

I echo Cathy’s comments above. I wear ‘fun’ earrings and they invariably attract comment and this helps things along.