A qualitative study on black women and breast cancer in London

Research study: Black Women and Breast Cancer in London: A Qualitative Study on Racial and Sociopolitical Causes for Disparities 

What is the study? The purpose of the project is to delve into the complexity of breast cancer amongst black women in London. Despite the equal access to the National Health Service (NHS), there are more inequalities in breast cancer morbidity and mortality amongst black women compared to women of other racial and ethnic backgrounds, particularly white women. Therefore, I aim to find the extent to which race and social factors are important factors in the experience of breast cancer amongst black women.

Who’s organising it? The study is run by Rufayda Sahal from Kings College London.

What’s the criteria for taking part?

  • black women living in London who have survived breast cancer
  • aged 30-60 years old
  • cleared of breast cancer a year or more prior to participation.

What do I need to do? If you choose to take part in the project you will be asked to take part in an interview through online video chat, of up to 1.5 hours. To take part, or to find out more, please contact Rufayda Sahal by emailing rufayda.sahal@kcl.ac.uk or calling 07852592657

A participation sheet with further information is attached.

When’s the deadline? The deadline is the end of September 2020.

Note: This study has been extended to the end of September 2020.