A Simple just why? Stage4

It’s took me over 3yrs to finally talk about my monster that’s eating my body . It all started back in 2019,I found a lump spoke to Dr adsbar who told me I needed a mastectomy of my left breast and whilst under a full limpth node removal, I waited a month and then had an mri , which unfortunately showed it had metastasize to my spine L3,L4,T4. I’m a ticking time bomb right now . I feel my life is now a mind field of wat if’s or why ? Theirs no cure for me, but I still have dreams I still have goals , but who do i have to share them with I’m single an I’m a single mother with damage goods all together .my story has a lot more to it I just want to make friends xx


Hi @tracy1231,

Welcome to the forum, we hope you find it a helpful and supportive place. I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through - you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Please do have a look through the various boards and topics to find those going through similar experiences or for places you may be able to share your experiences and knowledge.

You may also find it useful to join our forum dedicated for those living with secondary breast cancer: Living with secondary breast cancer - Breast Cancer Now forum

Sending love,

Alice :heart:

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Recommend the secondary breast cancer forum and join a face-to-face group near you. Mine are very supportive, we meet once a month.