A three word summary of your day?

Hi – A new thread I would like to try - Three words to describe your day. A quick summary of what is happening –
For example,

Sunday would have been – ‘excitement, tension, celebration’,
Monday – ‘waiting, pumps and frustration!’ (Can you guess where I was??)
Today – ‘Sleep, cold, worry’

Sometimes it is nice to contribute and share but have not got loads of time. I really like the ‘what made me happy today’ thread and hope this thread will be a place for a quick download – although it may not always be positive lets give it a go…………

SadieL Xx Xx

Not too bad!




fec, sick, tired :frowning:

Could be better

Sleep, nausea, sleep

Tired but happy.

relieved, drained, optimistic

FEC 3 yuck!

brain challenging tired

Eye met gone!!!

Tired fed up hopefully

post FEC2 slump

Great news SusieV

Cannulated first time…


load of crap

Tumour markers up :frowning:

Cancer-free day today!

Hair disappearing fast :frowning:

Keeping fingers crossed x

Bird’s Eye View (aeroplane)