A very different type of call

This year, on the first anniversary of my diagnosis, a year after the worst day of my life, I got another call. This one was not from a hospital, telling me to leave work and go straight away cause they had my results. This one was a job, offer. The job offer of my dreams. I was offered a position as an associate professor at university, to cover someone on maternity leave. I was feeling blue that day, but suddenly felt so happy. I have alreasy started and I cannot believe I am doing this job now after the year I’ve been through. How things can change in a year. I wanted to share the news and say I am proud of me and of all of us making it to the other side. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Being at the beginning of my treatment, it is always an inspiration to hear stories from people who have emerged the other side, enthusastic and enjoying life again. I wish you every success in your new role; keep blazing the trail!
MM x

Well done! That’s fantastic news .
Thank you so much for sharing this. Would love to hear more good stories like these :slight_smile:


Huge congratulations Carmy, onwards and upwards x

That’s fabulous Carmy so very pleased for you xxxxxx

Excellent news and congratulations to you…
Maggie x

I’m also at the start of the rollercoaster & not sure where I will end up but it’s great to hear good news like this , thank you for sharing & good luck x


Fantastic news ,a fantastic blessing . May God continue to heal you, stay blessed


Thank you so much sweeties.

Karen and Mungos, this time next year you’ll be healthy and strong. Hang in there! There is light and happiness at the other end, I promise. I also thought it would never end, but it does. Sending you a big big hug and all my strength. You can do it!