A whole year

Here I am a year on, first mammogram two weeks ago (it bloody hurt) and was told 5-6 weeks for results but I got them today!!! All clear, no changes. I am so so relieved and happy.
If you had asked me a year ago would life ever be good again after the diagnosis and subsequent surgery I would say no but it’s the complete opposite. Life is great, I’m managing on tamoxifen and living my best life. Never give up my loves, there is always light the other side xx


Brilliant news ! Thank you for coming back to give us a positive story . Something to look towards ( maybe not mammogram pain!)

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Wonderful news! So great to share positive stories too so people know things can be wonderful again after a breast cancer diagnosis. Keep on living that best life! x


Such good news. I’ve just finished 15 sessions of radiotherapy and in theory back to normal, with Anastrazole and zoledronic acid ongoing.

Feeling good but can’t fully leave it behind me yet. Hoping time will allow the memories of the last 6 months to fade. I’m totally on board with living life to the full though, and it’s great to read your positivity.

Onwards and upwards to everyone on this rollercoaster journey xx


Thank you for sharing your positive news @rainstarr

I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well.

Sending our warmest,


I just remember how much the positive stories helped me a year ago xx this site is wonderful


So good to hear such good news. We all need to hear the bright side.


Great news,
I had my first mammogram about a month ago …the waiting was awful but I also got the all clear and was very relieved and happy.
I year ago today I started my chemo and have lots of treatment since …my Herceptin injections are due to end in September so hoping my Christmas this year will be better than last…
I wish you luck on the rest of your journey and keep those positive pants on…xx


There is indeed. What a lovely and uplifting post. So pleased for you. x

Thats great to hear! It certainly is a relief when you get that result isn’t it. Definitely a short breath holding moment! :blush:

@rainstarr Thank you for sharing good news! It’s always great to find out good outcomes! I understand you had surgery and hormonal therapy only ? How are you feeling ( side effects ?) on hormonal therapy? Anything to be mindful of? I had WLE 03/07 and waiting for final histopathology. Not sure if radio and or only hormonal therapy as subsequent treatment.
Thank you for good news story. I would like to read more good stories here as people tend to write about challenges usually on forums so :heart::raised_hands::tada:for sharing your good news with us all!
I think I am exhausted with reading papers on pub med etc with all the stats. I want hacks not the stats now…
Good luck, enjoy your days!! x Ania


I’m so pleased for you… I love your post… I’m six months in after lumpectomy & 5 day’s radiotherapy constantly worrying about reoccurrence even though such low risk…… but today I woke up thinking why worry about what might be … it may never be. Your post has just inspired me to be positive and live every day as we should x Thank you… Best wishes :heart:x


That’s great news :heart:
I too am 12 months since my diagnosis, surgery and now on letrozole for 5 years which I am tolerating.
I waited 5 weeks for my mammogram results recently which was so stressful but it was all good :blush:
Keep those positive vibes x