Hi my name is Carlo, i don’t now if i should be embaressed writing being a male, but for the past 2 weeks i have had a bump on my chest which looks raised… its stayed red/pinkish, so i went to the doctors they told me it was a skin infection, then i went to the A&E and they said its a skin cyst, now i have read information about males getting breast cancer, i hear 300 in the uk are diagnosed each year possibly less, i am worried about IBC i have read about it on the net and its not wide spread in the media, and the stories i have read are all from women not one MAN i have this bump that is still their i am on antibiotics and they still have not done anything, i was on atibiotics 2 weeks before for cysts under my arm, then i noticed the bump under my chest, so i was given different antibiotics been on them for four days now, the doctors are telling me its nothing but i’m very concerned can somone please help, is their IBC help lines in the uk? i know their is in america, so they can give me advise on it, the thing is i have read so much o it i know everything already i don’t know if that will help! i am just very worried any advise.

Hi Carlo

May I first of all welcome you to the Breast Cancer Care Forums, I am sure you will receive support and advice from our users.

I have given here a link to a factsheet produced by Breast Cancer Care on the subject of Men with Breast Cancer. It contains advice and information on symptoms and causes and you will hopefully find this helpful:


Breast Cancer Care also runs a confidential helpline where you can discuss your concerns with one of our trained helpline nurses. The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 2pm. The number is free phone 0808 800 6000.

I do hope this information offers some help.

Kind regards


Breast Cancer Care

Thank you alot, i hope people can help me out here as i am very worried and scared, by the way is their chatrooms where you can speak to people at once?

hi carlo, i`m a yr on past all breast cancer treatment …now…go to your dr and insist he gives you a referral to your hospital for a mammogram…i had a lump … dont take no nonsense from them it will also ease your mind …all the best caroleann

i will go back, its small but its worrying me and its red/pinkish around the skin on it… can anyone tell me if their’s info on IBC? i’m worried about that alot, is their a helpline just for IBC in england? i hope ur doing ok now, its been this way for 2 weeks now caroleann, i’m male and only 22 i have been told by my GP its a skin infection, but it still hasnt gone, i went hospital and he told me its a skin cyst, gave me antibiotics but its still their! i don’t have a good relationship with my GP he thinks i am wasting his time and the hospital’s time which is obserd! i do have enxiety issues in the past, but they still have to take me seriously and not be so rude and shrugg me off, i will see another doctor and ask if she thinks their’s no need i will have to do something i mean what? i’m stuck.

Hey Carl

Is there another GP you can go and see. It does sound like a cyst type thing but if you are worried and its not clearing up then insist on referral

Good luck to you

Hi Carl.

Not much to add except good luck. I hate it when the Dr fobs me off. It’s not like I am in their surgery every day (or every month or year). I only go when I really need to as I hate being poked and prodded!


Hi Carlo,

Good luck from me too. You are not the only man - have a look at the “Men diagnosed with BC” category. This site is for men and women.

Take care,


Hi Carl,

I am glad you have began to post on this site. I agree most bumps and lumps are harmless but they should always be checked out at a breast clinic.
You know that not many males have BC but there are some men on this site, look under men with BC as well. I am sure if you just picked up one of their thread even though a different subject, and just asked the men how they got treatment then I know they will help. Nicky was extremely young, Lance is wanting to promote BC health amongst men so he too will be happy to support you.

I truly hope all goes well with you.
Keep in touch and don’t be embarrassed the rule here is no question too silly, no moan too much and rant as much as you want.


Hi Carl,
My name is Lance & firstly i was told i had breast cancer in July this year and i had lived with an inverted nipple for 7 months or so, as you have had this lump for a couple of weeks or so then its very early, hope that makes you feel a bit better.
Secondly:- go on the (men diagnosed with breast cancer) forum, it might make you feel a bit more at home chatting with a man (please dont take that to heart ladies x) There are a few of us on here & lots of lovley ladies but please dont feel embarrased, i dont i just laugh it off with my mates, they are great support.
If you are worried that much then get the support from your family get to your GP and tell them this is geeting you depressed and affecting all of you,
too many men are not diagnosed quick enough,dont worry yours is early but go and ask for a second oppinion from another GP,
Hope ive helped mate,
keep your chin up Carl,

Thanks Lance, the bump is still their… i went to another GP for another opinion and she is not worried! she said it was a spot, but this bump has been their 2 weeks and does not want to go and i have been on antibiotics and i have finished now! what shall i do? i’m scared… can you send me the link to this forum plz? how are are u Lance when u was diagnosed? how was you tested? the doctor’s told me that the bump i have is on the skin! not the glands underneath… it appears around the skin, any ideas?? i need advise, thankyou.


I think you will find that Lance is referring to this page on this forum, you can find it by scolling down on the left side of the page or try this link:



hey carlo,

you really need to insist on being referred, they are playing with your life by doing this and its wrong. have you got a friend or a partner who can go with you and insist that you are referred as a back up? i dont want to scare you more but my doc, and even breast care surgen were not worried about my lump simply cos it was not in the expected posistion but deep embedded with in breast tissue, he was convinced it was a cyst and im now having chemo after left masectomy.

insist on being referred love thats my advise, and good luck il be thinking of you


there are men with BC, I’m past mastectomy and into Chemo at the moment.
Like Lance, mine started with an inverted nipple, it just didn’t react to temperature or stimulus like the other side.
A few days later, during the morning scratch, I noticed the nipple was a bit crusty; asif something had leaked and dried.
Further investigation and much probing revealed a small hard lump, about the size of a very small frozen pea, above and behind the nipple and obviously inside or part of a duct leading to the back of the nipple.
I saw the doctor ASAP, and he immediately referred me to the Breast Unit of the local hospital where just 3 days later I had Ultrasound, Mammogram and needle biopsy.
4 days later I went back for the results and was told that the mammo and ultra pointed to cancer but the biopsy was inconclusive. So I had a core biopsy (this is painful if they don’t wait for the local anaesthetic to take effect!) and when I returned a week later, cancer was confirmed and I was booked in for surgery within 2 weeks.

The original GP diagnosed a problem because the lump was both hard and deep and because of the nipple symptoms.

Skin cancers can be easily removed, so I were in your position I would demand a specialist appontment and say: whatever it is, I want it removed!
If the doctor agrees it is not normal and the antibiotics have made no difference, then demand removal.

good luck and persevere - its your body and not their money at stake.

i will push it! i am constantly being told i have nothing to worry about, but waking up each morning makes me sick! because i have to look at this, mine appears read in colour, did urs? or was urs colourless? i heard breast cancer appears as a colourless lump! my doc said its not breast cancer and its on the skin this bump! i have been told follillitis, spot, skin cyst! i have finished the anti’s but its still their and i cannot tell if it has got better or worse, mine is pinky/red this raised skin that feels bumpy, does that sound serious? sorry for going on and on, i am just deeply concerned, thanks for helping me.

I got lots of spots on my chest and they are quite different from breast lumps. They are in the skin they hurt and they go red and hard and hot. My breast lump was round and hard and painless. Don’t know if that helps.


have they ever lasted for more then 2-3 weeks before at a time? mine are painless to the same wot u described, the redness stays, and the skin seems raised in that area.

Hi Carl,
Its Lance here, just remember its only two weeks so try not to get to low i know its not easy but i lived with an inverted nipple for seven months before i went to the docs.But you should still get a second oppinion from another GP, there is a young lad on this site who was only 24yrs old when diagnosed so put that to your GP and say it can happen to very young men also,tell him this affecting you mentaly and demand that you want it sorted out,
Dont forget we are always here on this site to support you in any way we can,
take care chin up and keep us posted mate,