A year ago today...

Hi all. I have not posted for a while, sorry! A year ago today I had my wle (which thank goodness got a clear margin).  A lot has happened in that year, more surgery, appointments, radiotherapy,  soreness, tamoxifen,  periods of ‘what the beep just happened, cancer, what?!’, more appointments,  got married (we requested donations instead of presents and raised nearly £900 for this amazing charity), house on the market, being constantly knackered, a new outlook on life.  I have had my first mamogramme after diagnosis  (all clear). Most of the time I can forget about this awful disease.  I just want to say to everyone who is just starting out on this journey,  or not as far down the line,  just live every moment to the best of your ability and try to be grateful for each moment and don’t be afraid to ask for help and support from this wonderful forum. I spent the evening in a wine bar (only a couple of glasses on a ‘school night’) with my friends who have been a massive support and just thought I would share. 

Hi Eggster, 

What a big year! Thanks for sharing your story, raising money and being a member of the Forum community.

Have a great weekend. 

Becca at Breast Cancer Care. 



I remember the first time you posted.  Congratulations on your first anniversary but more especially on having your first year clear mammogram and having got married.  It has certainly been a year for you and the ladies coming on here reading your post I am will be inspired and comforted from it.


Helena xxx

Great to hear you’ve got your first all clear Eggster, the first year is a difficult one and brings back all the emotions you are just beginning to bury but also a sense of pride for having got though it all!

Always lovely to read these posts ? Xx Jo