I have worked out that Rads means radiotherapy.

What does NED mean?

Hi Alex,

It means No Evidence of Disease. Wonderful words!


Hi Eliza

Thanks for the explanation. They are indeed wonderful words. It has raised another question for me.

Can someone with secondaries achieve NED for a period of time?

Hi AlexD

Although I’m not sure, I would think that having secondaries means there is evidence of disease. It may be that they become difficult to see as small but I’m not sure if NED would ever be appropriate terminology.

Julia xx

Hi Alex, yes there are those with secondaries who achieve NED…there are some posters in the secondaries forums that have had NED in their liver, lungs and bones.
I’ve never had NED but I have had many of the last 8 years with no detectable cancer activity. (was diagnosed with bone mets in 2003)

Hi Belinda, Julia and Eliza.

The last MRI scan (one year ago) on my liver was not able to detect the met that was there, so I guess this may be NED however I am conscious that it is still whizzing round in my system so it could easily re-appear again.

I am curious to know the impact that treatment has had on my spine, as the initial scan showed that there were lots of small hot spots or little tumours. I doubt very much that it will show anything near NED. I don’t think they will agree to do another bone scan at this point as the treatment seems to be working.

Belinda, thanks for sharing your experience as this made me feel more hopeful. I am about to reach my second anniversary and the cancer thing seems to be on my mind more than ususal.

Hello AlexD,

I have had hot spots or tumours on my spine, thorax, ribs and pelvis for over 11 years now. With lots of different drugs and treatments I am still around. It hasn’t always been easy but I am still here and getting on with life. I know everyone is different but just wanted to say that here are lots of us on the thread who have hot spots similar to yours. Each time another year comes round it does remind you but may you have many more anniversaries to celebrate. Love Val

Hi all,

Here’s the link to the glossaries area of the discussion forums where there’s a list of different abbreviations.

Jo, Facilitator