abdominal diagnosis where do i go now

feelin a bit lost. When I had breast cancer 9 years ago it felt like I knew the enemy and could beat it. so much info and publicity available. Now im told its not only back its not curable. never even knew about secondary breast cancer. not sure how to fight this battle, this silent invisible disease that the outside world cant see , and don’t know about is gonna be with me forever. I feel every twinge or illness will in my mind be " is this it?" how do I live a normal life?  do I spend from now on living on egg shells? cause I don’t want to …but it feels like right now cancer has the upper hand.

I am sorry you feel this way. The incurable thing is challenging. We’re all different but I felt better once I had a treatment plan. I’m a year and a half in and feeling well and coping. Hope it’s some help x

Hi Wally, as Anne has said the incurable word is very challenging but I agree with her, once I knew what was going to happen things started to feel better. I’m almost 4 years now since my diagnosis straight to stage 4, I have secondaries in my spine, and can honestly say I feel very well. Try to stay positive, I appreciate this will be easy to say and hard to do at the moment! Regarding every twinge and illness, I spoke to my Oncologist about that shortly after my diagnosis, she told me that if it goes away within a reasonable timespan then it’s probably nothing to worry about, if it persists beyond that then get some advice. Hope things settle down for you soon, Kate x