Abemaciclib and Fulvestrant

Hi All 

anyone been given fulvestrant combo which is Fulvestrant (faslodex) and  abemaciclib was approved Feb 18

it is for her 2 positives and ,her2 negative metastic breast cancer




Hi all 

sorry  about this drug abemaciclib but not approved here yet only in states think it says on nice review sept 18 but it is A combo with Fulvestrant (faslodex)



Hello kay

Just popping in to wish you luck with the new treatment …must confess had to Google it but it does seem a bit kinder than chemo . It’s good there are new treatments coming along …

Hugs xx☺

Hi Pussy, I was interested to read that you might be going on Abemaciclib, not that I have as it is ?? not approved by Nice?? but I’ve been on the sister drug Palbociclib for 2 years now in a trial. There is also Ribociclib, all three are called CDK inhibitors which target 4/6 pathway so they all do the same job. And probably the same side effects.

Can I ask, are you a private patient or maybe going on a trial? Best of luck with your discussion, keep us posted x


Hello kay

Sorry to hear you haven’t got the trial drugs but they obviously feel they would not work.
Can you not go on a basic hormone pill as a palliative treatment …lots of ladies do have good results .

Hugs xxxx

Hi Pussy,


have sent you a pm…



just noticed your post. I’m on Abimaciclib with letrazole as part of the Monarch 3 drug trial. Started in March 2015 and so far have no further progression of the cancer in bones, which was already showing extensive spread before I started treatment. All is well, although I had to reduce my dose to 2 tablets twice a day, which is better for me, as I found the side effects too troublesome. I noticed that some of the posts in relation to Pablociclib actually showed that the bone cancer had reduced or disappeared in some places. Mine has just stayed stable. I remain on the trial until the treatment stops working. The research results look good.

I’ve been told it’s the latest breakthrough in the treatment of secondary breast cancer.


Have you started it yet? I’m 61 


Best wishes xx

Hello everyone,


I work on the Policy and Campaigns team at Breast Cancer Care, and I wanted to ask if anyone has been treated with abemaciclib in combination with fulvestrant?


Abemaciclib is currently being considered by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to be made available on the NHS in England for treating hormone-receptor positive, HER2 negative secondary breast cancer. However, its use in combination with fulvestrant will offer those who have previously been treated with one line of hormone therapy for their secondary breast cancer the opportunity to benefit from this drug.


We are gathering evidence to contribute to NICE’s patient carer groups submissions and we want to hear from you. We will use the experiences of women who are on the clinical trial for abemacicilb to help us inform our response on what access to this drug would mean to women with hormone-receptor positive, HER2 negative breast cancer.


Your answers will be collated and presented to NICE, any quotes or information you supply will be anonymised in our evidence. The questions we’d like you to feedback on are:


  • Are there any advantages of abemaciclib and how have these affected you?
  • Are there any disadvantages of abemaciclib and how have these affected you?
  • Is there anything else you would like us to tell NICE about abemaciclib or the current availability of treatments for metastatic breast cancer?


We are looking for responses by  Wednesday 19 September.


If you have any questions about our work in this area, please email campaigns@breastcancercare.org.uk.




Hi Pussy

i took that combo for a couple of years, I was diagnosed with secondary Jan 2020. I had a rough time at the beginning as I reacted to everything they tried ie Letrosol and a few of the other hormone tablets. These drugs targeted my joints. So they decided to try me on the fulvestrant and abemaciclib.

I had a reaction to the abemaciclib as I developed a rash but this occurred after about a year but by reducing the dosage it has now all settled down. At my appointment in August at the outreach centre I had a major reaction to the fulvestrant where I couldn’t get my breath and my blood pressure shot up. It was decided to try again but at the hospital but to take a prescribed antihistamine prior to treatment but again I had the same reaction. So am now on abemaciclib with another hormone tablet.

For nearly two years I had the injection combo and apart from the rash, no other side affects and it was working, keeping it all stable. I have a large backside with plenty of padding, so even the injections were fine, one advantage I guess.

I would say, in my experience, the combo worked really well but after two years the body decided it had had enough as I would have gladly carried on.
However, this new tablet seems ok but I do again have joint pain with my knees and ankles but two weeks again I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia so it could be that or the hormone tablets or both. 
Wishing you all the best,  I used to try and keep reading my book when I had to get my backside out