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I am on my second cycle of abemaciclib after wle, full node clearance, two diseased, grade 3 2.5cm er positive tumour with lvi diagnosed September 22
I google weekly for latest news on abemaciclib and today was rewarded with an article posted two days ago from eli Lilley. It gives five year stats! I have tried and failed to attach the link but all I typed into google was ‘abemaciclib latest news’ and the two day old article came up top. Its a positive article well worth a read and we all need some positivity alongside abemaciclib! :grinning:x


Hi @caroleanne, thanks for sharing the positive news regarding abemaciclib. I too am on this med. Started this July. Not meaning to be a downer or a wet blanker, but the article was sponsored by the manufacturer, Eli Lilly; do you think it was biased? Don’t get me wrong. I do want so much for this med to work; to prevent recurrence. I have also come across some blogs (not sure how reliable) about the rebound effect, i.e. once the abemaciclib is stopped, the cancer comes back… sigh. That is my greatest fear…

Hi Siggi

The results were presented at an oncology conference in Madrid on Friday. If you search Abemaciclib news on google you will also find articles reporting the findings that are not written by Lilly.



Hi, sorry not sure how to post as just signed up today.
I started Abemaciclib end of May and after two weeks the diarrhoea kicked it in and for about 3 months it was terrible - with really bad stomach cramps. I still get maybe one or two episodes a week of both but it has improved. I stuck with the 150mg because I thought it would be more effective. But ladies do any if you suffer from a rash/cough/dry eyes or any other side effects? Thanks and good health to all of you :green_heart:

Hi @tired; I first started Abemaciclib on 150 mg 2x daily; the diarrhea kicked in after 7 days. I would get about 6 episodes a day; then I took loperamide but this gave me constipation; I would get abdominal pain every single day; I could not tolerate the symptoms any longer so my onc reduced the dosage to 100 mg, 2x daily. This dosage agrees with me in that there’s no more diarrhea and the ab pain has reduced somewhat. But now I find that my stomach is very sensitive, ie I can get tummy ache very easily, e.g. if I drink cold water. However, the tummy ache does not necessarily lead to diarrhea. You may wish to ask for a dose reduction. From what I have been reading in the posts in this forum, the dosage does not affect the efficacy of the drug. Hope this help and let us know how you are doing. Sending you healing vibes.

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Hi @Siggi, I have noticed many of your posts as I have searched this group this last couple of months for other members views and experiences of taking abemaciclib. I share many of your fears and worries regarding recurrence. I was offered abemaciclib after I had completed what I thiught was the last of my treatment…15 sessions of radiotherapy . It was a huge shock asI had not heard of the drug before. I almost decided not to take it but am now glad I am and thankful it was available to me.
As @Bookie has replied to you, there are other articles available reporting the same benefits as Eli lilly’s latest figures.
I have heard of the rebound effect but have not been able to find much information at all. Please share if you come across any reliable articles.

@tired hi. am about to start week 6 and so far have mostly experienced loose bowels most of the time with the occasional bout of full on diarrhoea. I feel extremely fatigued most of the time and have a very sore and dry mouth. However my oncologist started me on the 100mg dose twice daily with a view to increasing to 150mg if possible. Because of my side effects she is not inclined to increase my dosage currently. She has told me that almost all of her patients end up on the 100mg dose anyway.
Best wishes to you all
Caroleanne x


Thanks Siggi. Wishing you good health.

@caroleanne. Thank you and best wishes to you

Hi Caroleanne, I’ve just joined this group but was diagnosed in Jan 2023. I was just struck by how similar your cancer appears to be to mine; IDC, grade 3, 25mm, 2 lymph nodes found to have cancer, with extensive LVI. Mine is Er+,Pr+ Her 2 neg. I’ve also had a lumpectomy, total node clearance, chemo, radiotherapy, iv zometa 6 monthly for 3 years and commenced Abemaciclib 10th October. I’m coming to terms with the trauma of the past year but these forums have given me support. Thank you all for your posts.

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