Abemaciclib - lower dosage

Hi to those of you who are on Abemaciclib,

As an update, my onc lowered the dosage from 150 mg 2x daily to 100 mg 2x daily.  Before I started the lower dosage, I had a break of 16 days.  I re-started the lower dosage (100 mg 2x daily) on Sunday, July 16.  Today, being the 5th day, my diarrhea kicked in.  Sigh.  When I first started on the higher dosage (150 mg 2x daily), the diarrhea kicked in on the 7th day.  With this lower dosage, my diarrhea kicked in after 5 days, even sooner.  Another sigh… Has anyone gone on a lower dosage and experienced improvement in symptoms at all? Appreciate hearing from you.  Love and hugs to all.