Abemaciclib query again

Apologies. I have asked questions before about this drug ( currently on Ribociclib and fulvestrant for bone mets - secondary cancer but may have to stop due to low neutrophils causing interruptions in treatment .) I would be started and probably kept on the lowest dose of 50 mg of Abemaciclib . I’m 75 and incredibly uncertain as to whether to try as I tend to have gut issues anyway . Diarrhoea and more fatigue feels too much . I want to try and keep on ribociclib if the oncologist can be persuaded but know I’ll be under some pressure to try Abemaciclib as it causes less neutropenia . This would prevent breaks in treatment.
Any positive and also negative / honest thoughts gratefully received. I am wanting to live as well as I can rather than have treatment at any cost in order to prolong life on and on .

Hi there, I’ve been on abemacicilb for 6 months and have a history of IBS. I had some relatively minor diarrhoea and mild stomach cramps probably every three days initially which was treated easily with the immodium equivalent that they give you. Six months on and after largely cutting out alcohol the diarrhoea and cramps are virtually gone. I know that some people do respond quite badly, but there are options to reduce the dose and people try different doses/ have breaks. I haven’t found the fatigue too bad, but I’m generally tired (new puppy and active young son!). I’m 52 and on letrozole and zolendronic acid and have primary cancer, so slightly different circumstances. I do seem to get hit hard by illnesses e.g. colds, though. So am being cautious about infections etc. Perhaps you could try it and see how you go? You can always come off it if you react badly to it. Good luck with your decision. Take care x


Im now on month 4 of abemaciclib. I started on 2×150mg buthad a strong reaction to it so the dose was lowered to 2×100mg per day and i ve had barely any side effects mild dihorea about once a week is all ive had on the lowe dose… Give it a tryand i hope you willbe ok. Merry Christmas x