Aberdeen BRCA

Hi there

Is there anyone out there in Aberdeen, would has been effected by this gene, who would like to meet? It would be great to meet with anyone in the same situation.



Bumping into latest posts for Steph

Hi Lucy
How are you? I’m also in Aberdeen but don’t have the gene. I check the forum every so often in the hope there will be someone from Aberdeen posting but there has been very little over the past couple of years. I have secondary in my lymph nodes for over 2 years and in really good health. If you fancy a chat or meet up let me know x

Hiya steph im a BRCA 2 carrier but im from edinburgh.

The brca umbrella website and brca sisterhood facebook groups are quite helpful


Hi Steph,


I know your post was a while ago, but I am in Aberdeen, I am recently diagnosed and I am a BRCA 1 carrier,



Hi everyone,  I have just seen the replys below.  Where in aberdeen are you all from? I am 30 and Im from hilton.  Ihave 3 kids 2 year old twin boy and girl and a 4 year old boy.  I had preventative surgery in june and its been a little rocky with infection etc, but hopefully its all sorted now and I can get my nipples done! lol. 


Hope you are all well.