Abimlicicleb & anti convulsants

Hi there, bit of a niche question, has anybody been told they need to be on abimlicicleb but is on anti convulsants in particular carbamazepine…they cannot be taken together, oncologist attitude is change your drugs, neurology dept been approached for advice but I have been on this for 40 years & changing my drugs could lead to life changing situations which scares me, equally scary is the thought of not having a drug that could help keep the cancer from returning, I had a 6.6 grade 3 tumour, surgery, chemo, radio & am on Letrozole, BC nurse specialist been amazing & supportive & as she says I am between a rock & a hard place as changing my drugs could actually be quite dangerous, just wondered if there’s anyone else out there like me :woman_shrugging:t2::cry:

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