abnormal liver function tests

I have recently had a calcium and liver function test which has had to be repeated showed mildly raised levels of something see gp tomorrow and i am very worried any one else had abnormal lf tests/

Yes my LFTs were raised during chemo and took a very long time to return to normal. I had a liver scan as I had pain as well and to my embarrassment, but incredible relief, was told that I had fatty liver. I think that shocked me into losing weight - nearly 2 stone so far. I am no expert, but I expect there could be many reasons eg some medications have an effect on the liver and it is good that you can see your GP tomorrow.

Good luck. Let us know how you get on

My Lft’s were raised during chemo as well.I had to have extra blood tests when chemo finished to make sure they were returning to normal.I was told it was a reaction to the some of the chemo drugs(probably taxol)

Josie x

Thanks for your comments will let you know what happens karen

I have just had the same result following a check up with my onc - finished chemo 9 months ago and not on any other medication. He’s referring me for an ultrasound but he said the ‘thing’ that was raised in my LFTs (wish I had asked the name) was not related to cancer. I will let you all know what the upshot is! I’m not particularly worried, but can any of us have a test for anything now without feeling more than a little anxious!!!

I have had raised Liver Function Tests for well over year now. I have had ultrasound scans and blood tests and told there is nothing sinister. They say I have a sensitive liver and that this is probably a side effect of Arimidex. Unfortunately, I have been told not to drink alcohol and I have abstained from alcohol for a year. Not a drop - although I never drank a lot of alcohol, but I did enjoy a glass of wine with my meal each night. Unfortunately I cannot drink a glass of wine with my meal any more - I have to have orange juice whilst my husband still enjoys a glass of wine.

There are two positives in all of this.

  1. My LFT’s are almost down to normal but it’s taken over a year for them to slowly come down.
  2. My husband always has a chauffeur!

I hope when I have finished taking the Arimidex (2 1/2 years to go!) my LFT’s will stay normal and I can then enjoy a glass or two of wine again!

How did you get on, Karen52?

I, too, had raised lft. I was told it was caused by alcohol but I’m not convinced, although I do drink in the evenings.

I changed my diet a year ago to cut out all fats, carbs, root veg and sugar. Shortly after, the gamma gt (whatever that is) in my blood started to rise. It should be up to 65 and mine shot up to 250. At the same time, I started to get lesions on my legs, and what I thought were heat lumps but weren’t. I haven’t increased my alcohol intake during the past year but I have introduced “healthy” carbs (brown rice, brown pasta) and am eating fruit again. The gamma gt bit of the blood test has reduced now to 150. Still a ways to go but at least it’s going in the right direction.

I was told it isn’t life-threatening, but it is an extra worry for me.

Oh yes, was sent for an ultrasound and was told liver was slightly fatty.

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx

Hormonal treatments can give you unusual readings…Tamoxifen especially can give you a ‘fatty’ liver. I don’t have liver mets…have had scan…but I’ve had raised readings for years (they have now come down in number) due to Tamoxifen and Arimidex. PS…I don’t drink alcohol but was asked if I did when I first had higher readings.

Forgot to say. Doc I saw at hospital made me feel terribly guilty, embarrassed and ashamed. He quizzed me about my drinking. Yes, I know it’s too much but that’s my choice thank you very much. He wrote to my gp so I asked to be copied in. When I received the letter I went straight to the gp for a rant. He said carm down carm down granny. He said the doc at the hospital (it was his first day there apparently) was as subtle as a bull in a china shop, that he’d approached it straight from med school lesson on dealing with alcoholics!!! GP said I had greater concerns than a few g’n’ts of an evening, and to carry on doing what made me happy!! Oh, I almost offered to be his plaything hahaha.

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx