Abnormal results from fine needle....

Hi so thought it might help to right this down and hope that someone can share positive experience. I’m 27 and 3 weeks ago I found a large lump and went straight to the doctors I was examined and referred to the breast clinic where I was seen 2 weeks later. I first had a scan and was told everything looked fine and was sent to see the doctor who took a biopsy (fine needle) but he also said he wasn’t worried but a week later I went back and was told my results came back abnormal and they needed to do a core biopsy ? I’m seeing him again on Thursday for my results and I’m so scared about what he’s going to say I’ve made the mistake of googling things ? has anyone been through this and had a positive result? X

Hi Leanne,
First of all, it’s good you’ve acted so promptly in getting this seen to, although the anxiety is horrible when going through this.
It’s also good that they are being thorough in getting to the bottom of it.
Whatever’s happened so far does not necessarily mean it’s bc, certainly there others here have turned not not to have bc on the biopsy results.
You are right about general googling, it only makes anxiety a whole lot worse, often for no reason, so it is best avoided. Do use the main site here for info & come back here if you need to talk about anything.
Wishing you all the very best for Thursday & do let is know how you get on if you want to
ann x