abnormal smear test result

Hi It’s 5 and a half years since I finished treatment for IDC, stage 3, grade 3.I have had results from a smear test today showing border line abnormal cells, I wondered if anyone here has any information about whether we have a higher risk of cervical cancer and if it would show this way or if it was secondary cancer would it show as cancer cells not pre cancer. I am panicing slightly even though I know it could turn out to be nothing. Thanks X

Hi fisam I don’t think we have a higher risk of cervical cancer.I had a borderline smear over a year ago and had to have it repeated 6 months later and that one was also borderline but the 3rd one I had was normal.borderline changes are not pre cancer they are just changes in the cells and normally revert back to normal.Hoping yours goes back to normal when you have your next smear.wishing you all the bast.
love Melxx

Thanks that makes me feel much better X

Hi fils am. Thought I’d had a mad moment n had already posted this I was thinking this mornin about puttin a post about th same thing. I’m coming up to 2 years since diagnosis n got results from smear last week abnormal cells. I had to laugh. I mean. I thought. UR having a laugh rnt u Got t hav repeat at th beginning of may. I kno it’s common but I also worry wether bc makes us more susseptable But I worry about everything. Take care xxx

the good news is that caught early cervical cancer can be cured i had it 7 years ago had radical hysterectomy i was stage one with a 5mm tumour unfortunately i now have just had to undergo a masectomy for breast cancer but i have been assured the two are not linked but most abnormal smears are just that and nothing more sinister

I came across a study recently that suggested breast cancer patients who received combination chemotherapies were at an increased risk of having an abnormal cervical result.


Don’t know whether that link will work, but that is the web address for the study.

Hi I may be wrong and hope someone will correct me if I am :slight_smile: but I think that it is only if you are receiving chemo that it might affect the results of a smear,so not advisable to have a smear whilst on chemo.


Borderline changes are very common smear results… Borderline and cin1 (mild dyskariosis) changes are usually just temporary and after a 6 monthly smears will return to normal… If your a smoker it’s very common to have cervical changes.

If it’s cin 2 or 3 (moderate or severe dyskariosis) you will usually be referred to colposcopy or if you have had 3 x 6monthly abnormal borderline or cin1 smears… This is where they look at the cervix under a microscope and will sometimes take a biopsy or give treatment to the cervix.

These changes are not cancer but if they persist they may treat them to prevent it turning into cancer.

If early cervical cancer was found it has a 95% cure rate following treatment.

Lulu x

Hi Stressy Messy, I believe the women in this particular study had all finished chemotherapy a number of months prior to the colposcopy being taken. I think it is also important to add that none of the women had cervical cancer, just cervical changes, which Lulu kindly explained.