About Prostheses

hi does any one have any views on the amoena prost i got one thurs just feals a big heavy looks like it weighs the pocket down on bras thinking of going to look at some in shop buy my own any ones tips wld be gd thanks laura

hi i wear an amoena pros, as first I felt it was heavy but now I forget it’s there, give it a bit of time I took a few weeks to get used to it especially as I had got used to the light weight softie.

Hi Laura,
I cant remember now which one I was given at hospital but I took it back as it was too heavy for me and I am only 34A. For several months I managed with the comfie then was measured by a fitting service at BCC in London. It was brilliant, so many different styles and an hour given over to trying and choosing the right one for me. The ‘prescription’ is then given to the breast care nurse at the hospital who orders it.
I have an Anita equitex, which has a hollow area on the back into which I put special padding so I can adjust it according to the kind of bra i am wearing and of course its very light.
All the best as you sort yours out.
M x

Hi Laura,

If you got your prosthesis from the hospital so recently then I would take it back and tell them it is not right. They should let you exchange it.

Magsi, I have the anita equitex - in fact I have two (bi-lateral mast) and because one area is hollow, and the other breast needed further surgery after mast the two are quite uneven. The equitex is perfect to get a match both sides.


Hi laura

Just a postscript to Dawn’s suggestion of taking it back to the hospital. Does your hospital have a rep from one of the companies to aid with fitting or is it the breast care nurse. First appt was with the breast care nurse which resulted in an ill fitting prosthesis. when i plucked up copurage to return it was with a rep from a prosthesis company. Totally different experience.

Hope you find one that suits.

Love Crispy

hi everyone im not sure about rep was just fitted by bc nurse im off to nicola jane thurs see wat they say if not happy im going back to clinic i think i need one that i can fill behind also but no one mentioned this just said cldnt do much about the hollow chest wall its a bit of a pain as it dont seem to fit all bras but i will c how it goes thurs first thanks all laurax

I was very interested about your post on visiting nicola jane. I had a right mastectomy 3 years ago. I was fitted by at my local maggies centre by a lady who had lots of prosthesis from different companies. I was given a Silima elegance which i find a bit heavy and very hot in the summer. I would love to feel comfy as at the moment I don’t. I also find it very difficult to get a good mastectomy bra that is comfy I have sent for loads some I have returned and others I have kept and struggled with. I would love to know how your visit went and tips from anyone about bra buying. I am a 38C so really do need a good bra.
Any tips welcome.

hi carolyn59
im going thurs so i will let u know i know what u mean i have ordered loads and have sent most back i thought it was me beeing to picky or exspecting to much i must say nicola jane do sell some nice bras i just cant get my pros into them so i will see what they say and kp u posted laura

Thanks Laura its not just you being picky in the last 3 years I must have tried on hundreds of bras and bought lots which i ended up giving to my local breast nurse some had only been worn once hope someone else found them ok not very good for my purse though thanks again i liik forward to hearing from you. Good luck at your fitting. x