About to start 6 sessions of Fec and scared

Hi, I am starting 1st Fec session on Wednesday. This last week I have been feeling really positive in myself, the best since my surgery. But now I am starting to feel more nervous and scared. Can anyone tell me what to expect and any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Hi Karen
Welcome to the forum.
Try joining the May chemo thread, as there are other ladies on there who are also just starting.
There are lots of tips on there, and everyone supports each other as much as possible.
Please don’t feel scared… It really isn’t as bad as you think. Just prepare yourself for the first week when you might not feel like doing much. Stock up the fridge, get all the washing done, and have all your meds at hand.
Best wishes
Sue xx

Hi Karen. I finished my 6 fec in April. I know you’re scared. That’s completely normal. The first one is hard as you’re going into the unknown. You’ll find your way in chemo. Just take all your meds and listen to your body. I’ve been lucky to have support. Ask me anything you like about fec. I’m glad to help you in any way I can x

Hi Karen, hope you’re getting thru the first chemo. Just a few things that I’ve found helpful. Eat small but often. Little pots of fruit that you get in the dessert Isle. Also I was very sensitive skins, eyes. Mouth etc. I got aveeno cream and shower gel. They’re amazing products from the chemist. I also used a soft toothbrush and forever gel toothpaste which is fluoride free. Another amazing product. All these little things help. I got biotin alcohol free mouth wash on prescription. Let me know if they’re anything I can help you with x