About to start chemo

Well here I am, got my date to begin chemo, 28th march, 6 cycles, has been a delay as breast still not healed, hopefully it will be as had op 16th Feb, nurses are still coming every day to dress wound, having picc line on the 21st march, does this hurt? I’m a little worried but want to get started asap,hope everyone is doing well with treatment xx
Sue x

Hi from the September starters!

The picc line is the best thing!  It certainly is not painfull at all getting it in.  You will be so glad you did get it. It will make your life a lot easier.  Just use a plastic sleeve and a layer of clingfilm over it when you shower.  And the nurses calling to check it is a great way of having a chat and asking them for info.  They are the experts in this!  I really enjoyed getting to know them.


Good luck during your chemo cycles. 

It is very tough going but keep telling yourself it will eventually be over and you are doing this to help you get over the cancer.  Keep using this forum as it will be a fantastic means of support from ladies who know exactly how you feel at each stage of your treatment.  I found it to be a lifeline in my toughest weeks (finished chemo 7 weeks ago and thought I would never ever feel better again but now I really do feel so much more like my old self).

The side effects can be hard to manage but ask your medical team for all the help they can give you.  Dont suffer in silence!  And keep telling yourself …it will be over soon!

Aine x




Thank you so much, had a bit of a wobble last night, not had one for a while, could be that I decided to read up on TNBC properly for the first time, thank you once again, can see I’m going to be here a lot xx