About to start CMF - help!

I’m new to this, never posted anything on here before. Often come on for a look though. Have however reached the stage where I think I need some friendly support. I’m on Epi/CMF with radiotherapy in the middle. Have just finished radiotherapy which was a pleasant experience after the epi! I had rather a rough time with the Epi and am now dreading the CMF. I start this on Thursday 19th, don’t know too much about it yet and already beginning to feel nauseated!! Any good advice on how to cope with this in a more relaxed, positive way!

Hi Kitty,

I too was on Epi - Cmf, Tact 2 Trial last year. Finished Last November 06. Like you I had an awful time on the Epi. But the CMF was let me say more tolerable. It was tablets and two injections every 4 wks. The Epi had ruined my veins so it took a while to find a vein but I can only talk to you about my own experience and after the Epi it was a walk in the Park!!
Each person reacts differently to different chemo regimes. I did not feel sick on CMF and went about my daily chores so to speak. Obviously take your anti-sickness meds and hopefully you will be fine. I am still on 3 wkly Herceptin and wont finish my treatment till Feb 08. Drink plenty of fluids - Water.
Good Luck
Hope all goes well for you
Take Care

Hiya Kitty,

I too am on E-CMF (on the TACT 2 trial so my epi was every 2 weeks). I had my first (day 1) CMF last weds and I’m going for my day 8 tomorrow. I had quite a good time on Epi so managed to wind myself right up before going for my 1st CMF last week thinking that I would have a really hard time on it (as I couldn’t be ‘lucky’ twice).

I posted on here pre-CMF, much like your post! Well, despite everyones reassurances I was still a nervous wreck when I went to the chemo unit last week. I cried like a baby, oh the shame!!! Anyway, I had read all about the various side-effects of the 3 drugs and decided that I didn’t want to know what each one was as it was going in. I knew that one of them can make you feel a little ‘light headed’ and ‘woosy’ as it goes in so thought it best if I didn’t know beforehand or I would be looking out for it!

Beforehand I asked my nurse to take it really slowly. I sucked a calipo as it was being administered as many ladies had told me about a funny taste and a feeling its going up your nose. The calipo definately did the job!!! On the second drug I did have the ‘yukky head’ feeling that many had described. However, this went as quick as it came to be honest. They just stopped for a sec, put my feet up and got me to shut my eyes. Soon as this drug had gone in the feeling totally went away. The 3rd drug was fine and I was in an out in well under an hour!!!

When I got home I felt a little ‘spaced out’ and so just chilled on the sofa. I have had much less nausea so far on the CMF, hurrah! Also, I’m back on my feet quicker than I was with the Epi, and I didn’t find that too bad. So far everyone around me says I’m defo better on this one. So its round 2 tomorrow and then a whole 3 week break!! Bliss!!!

As tracy says, drink plenty of water as CMF can potentially cause cystitis. Also, I was given anti mouth ulcer tabs to take for 2 days to ward off the little blighters. So far so good!

Take care and I will be thinking of you on thurs. I’m ‘being done’ tomorrow so will let you know how it goes.

Keep in touch and let us know how you get on,


hi, ive got my last cmf tomorrow. Had a lousy time on epi, but found the cmf a lot nicer if there is such a thing. Drink plenty of water, all the normal stuff chemo wise lol. Chemo wollops everyone different, but on the whole could quite happily stay on cmf, well not really but you know what I mean. Chin up chick youll be fine

Hi Kittly,

I’m 3/4 way through epi /cmf. I found the epi very doable and only had major problems with infections. My first cycle of CMF was fine but the second one has been a disaster!!! All my fault, I got cocky after the first part of cycle 1 and decided with the BCN that I could lower my steroids. I did this with cycle 1 part 2 and got away with it (worried about weight gain!!!). Then cycle 2 part 1 I cut them down more and have been nauseaus,light heated, lethargic ever since with a mouth full of ulcers. Needless to say after part 2 I took all my steroids but I can’t seem to get back on top of it. Thankfully I have 2 more weeks before next treatment so will get back to normal for next one. It seems that once you are down the chemo likes to kick you where it hurts most and doesn’tallow you to get back up!!!

I’ve learnt the hard way - I will now take everything I’m given!!!

Kelly - good luck tomorrow -I’ll be thinking of you

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thanks v.much. I’m hoping all goes well vein wise and stuff! At least I’m all prepared with the ‘yukky head’ thing now. I’ll try to be a big brave girl!

Will let you know how it goes, thanks for thinking of me,

Hope you are well,


Thanks all very much for your support and advice. It’s better to be prepared! Bottle of rescue remedy at the ready and all will be fine - working on the positive thinking Ha Ha! (Not sure its working yet).
Also think finding a vein may be a problem, back of hand still sore after Epi 2 months ago. Will just need to wait and see.
All the best to all having chemo this week, will be thinking of you also.
Will let you know how it goes.
Kitty x