About to start radiotherapy

About to start radiotherapy at Kings Hill and very nervous. Had a rotten time with chemo. My oncologist has reassured me that radiotherapy is much easier so am hoping for positive stories that it’s ok! X


Wishing you all the best with the radiotherapy treatment.

I finished mine about ten days ago. I was feeling tired by the end of it, but part of that was working at the same time and having to remember what time to leave each day as my appointments were not at exactly the same time.

I had a check up with the nurses about halfway through, just to check my skin and any questions. My skin (particularly the scar round the nipple area) looked a bit pink, but they weren’t worried about it. Now my whole boob is pinker than the rest of my skin, but otherwise fine.

Keep moisturising your skin, and drinking plenty of water. Any problems you can ask the team at the beginning of a session.


Drink lots of water during rads, I found that helped with fatigue. Cream your area after each rads session and carry one in your hand bag too so you can slap the cream on when you are out and about, get a vest top to wear so no rubbing of bra on area and try wearing loose tops to let air at the skin when you are at home :+1:your team will keep close eye on your skin and give you medi honey if required. Creams tgat lots have used on the forum are e45, aveno, moo goo, I used dr organics aloe Vera gel with tea tree, you might have to try a few before you find one that suits you :heart:hope this helps :two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx


Oh bless you, you’ve already been through a lot but, generally speaking, people find rads to be the easiest of the active treatments to get through. Have you had your planning session and little tattoos yet (they’re really little ink dots)? That session is by far the longest session you’ll have as the actual treatment sessions take around 10-15 minutes, the bulk of which is the radiologists getting you in to position - lining you up via the position of the tattoos. The machine was actually going for less than a minute when I had mine. It can be a bit cold in there and some people find it a bit unnerving when the radiologists leave the room but it didn’t bother me in the least, it’s a safety protocol for the radiologists nothing more sinister. I found everyone involved to be super friendly and reassuring. Just remember to drink a lot to stay hydrated and moisturise the area with a good quality cream like E45 or Aveeno (some health authorities dish out free cream, mine didn’t). You may experience some changes to the skin, it may go red or, like mine, go brown as if I had a tan. These wear off over the weeks following. You may also experience some fatigue but usually that comes along after the course has finished - I know lots of women who drove themselves to their rads sessions and then went back to work which is just an indication that it is not as hard as chemo. It is a lot to keep emotionally adapting to the different treatments but I hope your rads sessions go well and you’re in the swing of it after the first session.


I had 15 sessions and four boosts. Not a problem till the last two but some gel and a dressing sorted that out. And I would also recommend a vest top pull on bra type thing. Everyone is different. Just keep an eye on things and be guided by the radiotherapist. xxx


I finished my last of 15 sessions 2 weeks ago. It was a breeze compared to chemo. I was happy driving myself. As others have said, plenty of lotion. My mastectomy site has a darker large area, and there’s a 2 inch diameter under my armpit where the skin is a bit tougher.
One word of warning though. I have kept cording under control with routine stretching since my mx last September, but since rads started it did get noticeably worse. I was given appointment with physio who gave me some different stretches. Pleased to say that cording is back to pre rads condition.
Good luck x


Hi. Let us know how you get on. I’m starting the week after next. 15 sessions over three weeks. Have already had planning appt and little tattoos. They are so tiny I can only see them wearing reading glasses and peering into a mirror. I’m worried that the machine won’t find them! :grinning:

I’ve had mastectomy, chemo and axillary clearance (plus seroma and cording) so I’m hoping too that this will be the easiest bit. Fingers crossed for both of us. x


Dear newbie1

Well done for getting this far with all your treatment. I feel you have had some excellent advice from our lovely ladies so I won’t add anymore, except to wish you lots of luck with your radiotherapy,

Health and happiness going forward.
Hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:


Thanks so much to everyone for replying. Am breathing a little easier now. Not having any axilla rads as all lymph nodes came out, no sentinel involved, and onc felt would be of little benefit but would add to Lymphodema. Will let you know how I get on tomorrow x


Bless you all, I start my radio on the 17th June, had planning app on Tues and Tattoos, got 5 sessions over 5 days so not as long as you all. Have been ok on Letrozole apart from joint pain. Rubbed knees and bottom of back with volterol which helps. Have hot sweats but had them before I went on the tablets. I have been taking turmeric tablets and magnesium which helps with sleep, anxiety and muscle pain.



Just finidhing 20 sessions this week…I have really sensitive skin in general…so my skin is quite 4ed especially aroubd the nipple and under the arm where my scars are.

The actual process is really easy and quick…i have been given Flamigel from the hospital to use on it so is easing it…

It is nowhere near as bad as chemo, so dont worry…

Take care…



Good luck with your radiotherapy . I didn’t need chemo so slightly different but I found the radiotherapy relatively easy. My skin got a little bit sensitive and sore . Moisturise lots… I kept mine in the fridge and it was nice and cold which I found helped . I didn’t have any fatigue or tiredness and went on a cycling holiday 10 days after finishing treatment .


Hi @newbie1 How did you get on with RT? Hope things are going well. x

Hi ladies
Start my radiotherapy on monday. Just 5 sessions over 1 week so not to bad.
Just had results of my dexa scan and it seems i have osteoporosis,
Oncologist advised my gp to put me on adcal D 3 when i went last week. He must have seen something on my scan, letter to gp from breast team have recommended alendronic acid. I have to call to make an appointment to discuss whether its safe for me to go on it. I am taking letrazole at the moment but also lansoprazole for acid reflux. I have read that alendronic can cause acid reflux so not happy to take it. What are your thoughts

Thanks so
Much for all your replies! It’s going ok so far… I feel a bit tired but not horribly so. Interestingly my physiotherapist said that the is evidence coming out that a burst of exercise 10 mins prior to radiotherapy makes it more effective. This can be anything from a brisk walk to squats or matching on the spot x

So glad to find this post as I had my first radiotherapy today and am already feeling a bit sore. Lots of good tips here to try thank you everyone. I’m worrying now that it’s just going to get worse after each session - 14 more feels like a lot!

Really normal but highly recommend Flamigel which might be given to you by hospital or if not see if you can get online. It is specifically to counteract radiation effects and have found it helpful so far x