Abraxane chemo anyone else on it.......

Hiya, just wondering if anyone else is on Abraxane chemo, im sure onc said it was taking over from tax… My first time round i had 3 tax then 3 fec…Side effects are different apart from hair loss, fell out before 2nd chemo, nerves and weakness in legs tingling/numbness hard to stand and walk too far or long, moderate pain, scalp sores appearing,and on neck,sleepy less than half the time but can sleep through the day at the drop of a hat, or do you think this is because body is weaker than last time,finished last chemo in november, fingernails, toenails and hair was all back to normal,please if you have any thoughts, thanks. ziska2.x

Hi Ziska,

I have just started Abraxane, first dose last Wednesday. I’m having it in conjunction with Xeloda (capecitabine) which is also new to me. Similar to you, i had 4x EC and 4x Tax for my primary treatment, but now have bone mets, diagnosed in Jan 2010.

I’m trying the cold cap this time to see if I can keep my hair, but obviously still very early days yet. Will be interesting to keep each other company and compare notes.

Best wishes,
J x