Abraxane for 9 rounds

Has anyone had a good experience on Abraxane? I had to stop my fourth cycle of EC after having an allergic reaction and so now have 9 rounds of Taxol. I’ve asked for Abraxane as heard people have less of a reaction on it? Xx


I have had both Paclitaxel (Taxol) and NAB-Paclitaxel (Abraxane). 12 rounds of the first as part of my primary treatment (following EC), and 9 of the latter alongside Pembrolizumab as treatment for metastatic cancer. The difference is the suspension but I found the latter easier than the former, I think because there was no need for steroids and antihistamines. Weekly treatment feels like a treadmill but it was never as unpleasant as the worst days on EC. No Filgrastim either.

I hope it goes well for you.

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I was switched to abraxane as I unfortunately had an allergic reaction to Paclitaxel. My understanding from my oncologist is that they don’t offer abraxane first as it is much more expensive than Paclitaxel or docetaxol and also there have been fewer trials with abraxane than the other two drugs (as it is a newer formulation). You could always ask your oncologist but I doubt they would give it to you unless you have an allergic reaction xx

I was switched to Abraxane after two allergic reactions to Paclitaxel. I was fine with it. I had a few days of aching legs each cycle (I was having it three weekly), but paracetamol worked. I did lose my hair, although, since I only had four sessions, it started growing back very quickly.

Apologies for long time I coming back. Went to hospital again last week following EC chest pains. Feeling like cancer journey is endless, my wound got infected for six weeks following surgery and been to hospital five times with chemo EC so wondering if I really should take the Abraxane

They are in the process of trying to get the Abraxane signed off. At this stage I have had so many complications I feel like throwing towel in x