Hi Has anyone had this chemotherapy treatment?I had growth of secondary liver tumours in May.After 3 and half years stable.Started Paclitaxel chemo  weekly.on 2 nd one had bad reaction but completed it.3rd bad reaction very quickly so it was stopped as too dangerous to continue.Had a failed attempt at Capecitabine tablets (me a tablet phobia So was never a good idea)saw oncology today and this is the  iv chemo they suggested.I was scared to see same word as one I reacted to but was told it’s coated in Albumin that stops the reactions.They had to get funding for it she said but call this afternoon to start it on 9 th July every 3 weeks.Anyone have experience of it and how it was for you?Many thanks D

Hi Didi

Sorry to hear about your recent problems, having read one of your earlier posts about taking tablets I can see why Capecitabine was a difficult treatment to have. I’ve heard of this most recent/latest treatment option but I’m not sure anyone on the forum is currently on it so you may not get any replies. Sorry I can’t help but just wanted to give support.

Nicky x