abraxane-waiting for funding decision

Hi everyone,
My last scans show more progression, but the lung tumours are gwowing very slowly, so my onc wants to continue with herceptin and add Abraxane. This will be dependent on PCT funding. Any advice or experience welcome.
Love nicky

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Hi Nicky

Sorry to read you have progression (my least favourite word in the dictionary). If you look on bcmets, quite a few women receive Abraxane. I don’t have much knowledge of its use in this country, I just know it is an ‘easier to tolerate’ form of taxane and is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. I hope your PCT comes up with the goods, and hope you are well and enjoying retirement.


Sorry to hear your scan results weren’t good, Nicky. I now nothing about Abraxane I’m afraid but just wanted to say that I hope your PCT comes up with the funding.

Kay x

Thanks for your replies Jenny and Kay- apart from not sleeping very well, and the side effects form the Arimidex, am not feeling too bad. I am enjoying retirement, but have started doing some voluntary work as have been missing work a bit, and wanted to feel a bit useful!
Am off to northumberland for half term, and really looking forward to it.
love nicky

Hi Nicky,
Good luck with the funding, fingers crossed for you!

I am waiting for the dreaded results of the c.t. scan I had last Wednesday I have just finished a total treatment break of 3 months, scary!

Have a wonderful “switch off” holiday in Northumberland.

Take care,

Hi Nicky

Sorry to hear about the progression.

There are quite a few posts about Abraxane on breastcancer.org

Also, if you google abraxane + taxol + difference quite a bit comes up, including w x 3 abraxane dot com (seems to be be a commercial for it, but could be interesting nevertheless)

I think Abraxane is Taxol in a different solution whcih supposedly makes it more effective…

It’s newer, so it’s more expensive, of course…

Hope you get that funding.

X to all