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I have read through a few of the questions here but can’t seem to find anything related to abscesses or they the same as cysts?

I have over the last 3 or 4 years been back and forth to my GP/ hospital/ breast clinic. Each time treated with antibiotics which normally do the trick within a week.

This last visit to GP I was given a one week course of Erythromycin but had to return so the dose was doubled for another week, on seeing GP again she has referred me to see a consultant on an urgent 2 week appointment referral (appointment 20th Nov) during this time my right breast was agony, the abscess always forms behind my nipple which was always slightly inverted, the abscess itself feels about the size of a golf ball but this time I had a thick sticky green puss leaking from the nipple over 2-3 days.

Should I be concerned that these repeated abscesses would later turn to something I should be worrying about?

hi michelle i have just had an abcsess drained at breast clinic i have had it for 6 months but unusually it wasnt painfull well not always.i also have inverted nipple that i didnt have before so abcsess caused that you should look up periductal mastitus and duct ectasia on this sight i found it very helpfull i am waiting for my follow up app at clinic should be through soon as my abcsess is filling back up again but fortunatly not painfull if you are really worried you should post on have i got breast cancer thread you will get a lot more ladies with a lot more info than i can give you as far as i know there isnt a higher risk of cancer if you have repeated abcesses but i am not an expert bablicious

Hi guys i’m new on here, i’ve just recently found lump been to the doctors today and i have been referred for urgent breast surgery. I’m so worried as i’m only 22, the doc said she doesn’t think its anything serious because of my age, but can’t help thinking the worst. Thanks x