Absolutely horrible anxiety! Please help!

So, first off let me say I have horrible anxiety issues and horrible health anxiety. I do realize this and since i do have these anxiety issues anything I fixate on becomes magnified.
Anyway, I am extremely worried since I found an indent on my left breast under my nipple, it’s more like a line indent. It’s EXTREMELY FAINT when my arms are normal and in resting position, and I mean so faint it is really really hard to see, but, when I raise my arms I can see it ever so slightly more in the right lighting. The most obvious time I see it is when I push my breasts together or bend over in a certain way it can become pretty very obvious. I do have larger breasts, I’m 26 years old. I’m absolutely terrified. So terrified to the point where my anxiety is telling me I have the worst possible cancer and I am going to die a long painful death.
I was just wondering if I could get some insight to anyone else’s experiences. I’m literally worrying myself sick to the point where I can hardly enjoy anything.
I do have an appointment with a PCP in a week. But it’s so hard to wait.
Also, the only reason I got so fixated on this is because I had gotten a boil on my breast and googled that, and anything you google about breasts is automatically breast cancer in Google and that just led me to more and more symptoms and then I over analyzed myself and this is how I got here. Otherwise I wouldn’t have even really overanalyzed anything like doing now.
ANYWAY, sorry for the long drawn out post, I’m just hoping I can get this out and talk to others.

Hello Bonnie,

Just take some nice long deep breaths and put your logical head on. Google/the internet can not tell you what the indent is or isn’t. This takes a proper and skillful exam and testing where apt. So if info on the Internet is not helping, then stop looking for it.

Not sure if I am being a bit slow (possible) but what is PCP?Primary Care Physician? Are you outwith UK? Is it possible to change your appointment for sooner to relieve your anxiety?

If you can’t, well you will be ok as it is not too long to wait. Most changes at your age are not cancerous. There are a number of benign conditions.

However, breast cancer can rarely occur at a younger age so good on you for having an appointment and facing up to getting it checked. Absolutely the right thing to do.

You can not do anything about it until it is checked out properly. So put the lid on that box for now and try and file it away to be dealt with next week. I know that is easier said than done but sometimes I hace foubd it can work to a degree.
Take care Bonnie, fingers crossed for your appointment ? X

Thanks you SO much for your reply. It means the world to me to have people respond and read my concerns.

Yes, when I say pcp that’s primary care physician, I wanted to go sooner but couldn’t so the soonest would be in a week. It’s so hard when you have health anxiety because everything is magnified 100 percent.

But again, what you have said seriously has helped ease my mind some and I absolutely thank you for that!

The doctor visit can’t come soon enough!

Oh Bonnie,

I know what it is like to play the waiting game. And the self torture we can put ourselves through! I hope you also have someone you can share your worries with directly as well as on here. Definitely healthier to let it out than keep it in.

Fingers crossed for your appointment. It is much more likely to be something innocent than not. Hope you let us know the outcome.

Take care and be kind to yourself ? X

Hello everyone! I just wanted to make an update of what happened at the doctors. I went to my primary care physician to have him take a look at what I was seeing. He looked at my breast, checked for lumps, etc. He said there is no lumps and absolutely nothing to worry about because what I am seeing is a ligament in the breast being pulled. It made me feel much better but my terrible anxiety still exists, it’s hard to get away from the anxiety. I could tell he had nothing to fear for me when I showed him everything. I just hate my anxiety so much, it’s horrible. Anyway, I want thank the both of you who answered this. It made me feel a tons better truly! It was so hard to wait but I got through it! Thank you all!