Accelerated chemo - is this the norm for TNBC

Been to see oncologist and he has recommended 4x norm chemo the 4x other sort saying I’m having accelerated chemo.

I’m TNBC grade 3 with nodes involved.

Has anyone else has this sort of treatment?

Starting on 17th Sep

it varies by a number of factors including your age, grade, what the onc prefers… I had that same pattern before my surgery.

If you havent already do consider ringing the helpline. I know you have a lot of questions and hopefully you are getting answers that help you, but they will be better placed to help your anxiety levels which seem quite high at the moment.

Hi Whitfield I had 4 of each every 2 weeks as I was grade 3 aggressive.

From what I can tell, it sounds like my ONC is recommending this for me as my treatment plan.  I am grade 3 invasive lobular , triple negative.  Nodes involved.


Starting first of the 4x ec chemo tomorrow.


How are you getting on?