Aching aching legs

I’m only 2 days away from 2nd round of AC + immunotherapy treatment (of 4) for TNBC (after 12 weeks of weekly Paclitaxel and , Carboplatin+ 3 weekly Pembro) For the last 4 nights I have not been able to sleep for more than a few hours at a time because of the intense aching in my thighs. I had this pain for 2 nights at the beginning of the AC / EC treatment after 4 jabs of Filgrastim injection. Zopiclone did not help. Co codamol did not help, paracetamol does not help. I had only 4 of 5 Filgrastim injections straight after first AC, because of these agonies in thighs and calves at the beginning of the 3 wks. But they have come back 2 weeks on. I have been told on Thursday AC will be reduced and ‘only’ 3 Filgrastim injections required. But how can I possibly cope with these sleepless aching uncomfortable nights? Surely there is a painkiller that will allow me more than 90 minutes sleep? Thank you for advice. PS peripheral neuropathy in toes is continuous, from the Paclitaxel. They are totally numb. Advice please.

Hello, I had this side effect. It would happen at exactly 1 hour after each injection. I just thought I must carry on with the injections, but planned resting for the week it lasted.

The problem for me is that I cannot rest. My legs ache too much. Moving helps a bit. But I have not found anything to get me through the nights.

I had problems with aching legs after having Abraxane (nab-Paclitaxel). The first time it happened I called the hospital and they advised me to take paracetamol (and then ibuprofen if that didn’t work. Followed by calling them for stronger stuff). It sounds like you have done all this without much joy. Have you been back in touch with your team to see if perhaps there is a combination of medicines that might work?

Another thing the hospital advised me to try was a warm bath. Someone in my chemo group here recommended adding Epsom salts to the water. This might be worth a try?

No bath available. Sleeping on electric blanket doesn’t help. I was mostly fine on 12 weeks of paclitaxel, though it caused peripheral neuropathy.I will try taking Clarityn antihistamine at the same time as the Filgrastim injections. I’ve read that can help with aching legs. Tx

I suffered from peripheral neuropathy and I gradually got feeling back in my toes after finishing chemo. It took about a year, and my toes still feel a bit odd but not causing me a problem. The oncologist had told me there would be no further improvement after six months but luckily that was not the case for me. Hope you are feeling better soon. It sometimes feels like there is no end to the side effects. But there are better times ahead.