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Hello everyone. My right breast underside has been aching all week so I’ve had a feel and have found a lumpy area under there which is quite tender., no redness at all. I’m due my yearly mammogram next month, is it worth mentioning this when I go or could they refuse to do it and tell me to see my GP first? I have had problems with cysts in that breast but they were in the upper outer quadrant. I also have a dark green nipple discharge which I mentioned last year and they explained it was because of my age, I’m 49 so am not worried about that. Thanks All. 

Hello. I am new to this Forum but would not accept a green discharge from a nipple can be due to “age”.  Otherwise many more of us would have them.  I would strongly recommend insisting your Breast Clinic checks you out now - don’t wait for any routine Mammogram.  Better to be safe than sorry.  GPs are very good at fobbing people off. “It is your age” is one of the standard cop-outs.  Good luck.

Hi Graces mum


how did it go this morning?


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Hi Moijan I am at the breast clinic Thursday at 2 for a mammogram and the nurse also said for me to mention the dark green discharge before I have it. Was hoping to go to the mobile unit as getting into our hospital grounds is a nightmare. She said I won’t get the results there and then just the letter through the post but she did say if there are any problems she would ring me so that was nice of her x

Thanks everyone for your support

Been for my mammogram felt very reassured. Mentioned the nipple discharge but she said we only get really concerned if it’s bloody but if I’m worried go back to your gp. Can I ask if the lady who does the mammograms can see if there’s anything untoward on them at all or is it somebody else who reads them? Thanks all



That is good news and very reassuring xx


With regard to your question I really do not know the answer to that, perhaps one of the other ladies will know


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Sorry for late reply… usually  the mammo lady is a radiographer who may not always know how to read the mammo that well…I believe they arent supposed to say anything either, probably for that reason.  The mammos, as with all scanns,xrays etc are normally sent to be read/checked/reported on  by a senior radiologist( a doctor) and then the result is given to your onc…or if an outpatient, maybe  a gp. 


From your comments they dont sound very worried, but in your place I would definitely follow it up because you do need some reassurance/closure on it xx


will be interesting to hear how you get on…do let us know.



Hi, I have something very similar, just wondered how you got on?