Aching calves 8 weeks on tamoxifen

hi lovelies I am 8 weeks into taking tamoxifen and doing fine except for aching calves and the odd flush/fatigue/nausea/headache (all manageable and not all the time) but the aching calves are something else! I have a young dog and walk him daily and exercise 3 times a week but still not easing. No cramps just aching in both calves.

thank you

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Hi there!
Sorry to hear about your calf pain.
It’s quite common to have achy joints and muscles as a side effect of Tamoxifen.
I remember when I first started, I got one brand of Tamoxifen (orange packet). Side effects weren’t too bad except for the bad mood! Then I got my second prescription and it was a different brand (algae green). Within a week I had awful headaches, terrible joint aches and excessive water retention. I spoke with my pharmacist who was kind enough to swap my unopened second pack for the ‘orange’ brand. Within days, these side effects were gone.

So it may be worth experimenting with different brands to find out which ones work best for you. The active ingredient is identical but each brand can have different filler/ carrier ingredients, which can affect people in different ways.
Hope this helps.