Aching legs tamoxifen

hi lovelies I am 8 weeks into taking tamoxifen and doing fine except for aching calves and the odd flush/fatigue/nausea/headache (all manageable and not all the time) but the aching calves are something else! I have a young dog and walk him daily and exercise 3 times a week but still not easing. No cramps redness or swelling just aching in both calves.

thank you

Sorry that you are having this. I have had the odd creaky joint (fingers played up today!) but calves have been ok. One thing I would recommend trying is coconut water. It is high in potassium so good for muscle aches/cramps. I don’t massively like the taste but mix with a little bit of cranberry and water. Banana is good too. I take another medication for a separate condition which means my potassium can get too low so I make sure I get lots in my diet. I used to get crampy legs in pregnancy and the same approach helped then too. Good luck!

thank you for that helpful tip I will certainly try it that’s for sure! x

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Im on letrozol but had similar calf pain along with aching hip joints and i was advised to stop taking my tablets in the morning and have them in the evening instead. It worked for me although i am a bit more restless at night the leg and hip pain during the day has almost gone. It may be worth a try if you currently take yours in the morning. Good luck x


I have been on Anastrazole since Aug 22 and for 3 or 4 months my hips ached, especially first thing in the morning. That stopped gradually, to be replaced by aching Achilles, again especially in the morning. That lasted a month or two, but that stopped too. I found being active helped, so try to keep walking. Good luck


Thanks ladies! X