aching legs

I finshed a course of Fec-T 3 weeks ago today. My problem is (apart from the numb feet and tingling fingers) is my legs are hurting and I am finding it difficult to walk. Has anyone else had the same problem? If so how long does it last.
I feel quite good apart from this and it is getting me down
Thanks x

Hi Tomsman

Know the feeling well! Also had really bad breathlessness. Last chemo was on 18th Nov and I’d say I was pretty much back to normal after 6 weeks - walking dogs, working full time etc. Hang on in there!

Laurie x


I had my final Tax on 12th Jan. I still have tingly numb feet and fingers, my aching legs started to improve last week, this week I’ve been able to climb a flight of stairs without resting on the way up. I’m now feeling optimistic as definitely got more energy this week. I’ve managed housework which I couldn’t have done last week, eg: cleaning windows, using step ladders to reach high places, today I’ve cleaned my pantry which has high shelves. When out walking I do slow down after fifteen minutes, but a few weeks ago I couldn’t walk for more than ten mins and at a very slow pace, before needing to sit down.

You’ll get there, it takes time. I’m sure you’ll notice a difference in a few weeks. Best of luck.


Thank you to both for replying. You have reassured me that things are going to get better. I struggle climbing the stairs without having a rest to. Something I have to do often as my sitting room is upstairs and the rest of the rooms are downstairs.
I didn’t think i would say this but I am looking forward to doing some housework! My legs ache when I stand for to long so have to keep sitting down.
It is annoying not being able to walk far but 6 weeks is bearable.

Thanks again


I walked into work today - 4 1/2 miles and my legs and lungs were fine! Thinking about walking back :wink:

At it’s worst, I had to lie down in the shower as I my legs were too wobbly and I was too knackered to stand up.

There’s light at the end of that tunnel - hope it won’t be too long until you reach it!!!

Hi Teresa,

I had my final dose of Tax in early May last year and I can remember still having to use a walking stick for the first couple of weeks of rads which started in early June, but then it gradually got better - so by my calculations that makes it about 6 weeks for me too, and my onc thought I’d been hit unusually hard by that SE - it affected my arm muscles as well and I could barely type. I had awful fluid retention as well and had to stop two or three times whenever I went upstairs.

I’d thought it would never get better, but it did. At the end of July we went on holiday to the Alps and I did loads of walking (riding up the mountains on the ski lifts and walking down!) and I’ve just signed up to do the Pink Ribbonwalk.

Keep your spirits up and give it a bit more time - it really won’t be too long!

Jane xxx