aching neck and shoulder and worried!

Hi all!

Im posting on here as i am so nervous after having a paranoia free few months.
Over the past week I have had a really sore neck and shoulder and was a little swolen. Told my BC nurse and she got me into see my consultant straight away. Consultant said that if aching does not go away in the next couple of weeks i hve to have an MRI!!! Im soo scared as every time i have aches or pains before they have just put it down to the tamoxifen or zoladex! Does anyone else have aching neck/shoulder? I am starting to panic now!

Emily x


I was diagnosed in August (I found a lump) and I had been having a pain in my neck for some time, so I wondered if the two were connected and that it had already spread. However, I had clear lymph nodes and no LVI, and after my surgery, because I had to sleep on my back for a couple of weeks, my neck pain disappeared and had obviously been nothing to do with it - probably my old pillow, which I have now replaced! I had previously had shoulder trouble, and a scan on that showed wear and tear. What I am saying is that it could be absolutely anything and not to panic until you need to. It is right that they will check it out, but that is as much to do with making you feel reassured, as it is for concern.

Hope it soon gets better. Love Ann xx


I had a frozen shoulder and lymphoedema in my shoulder and above my collarbone and down towards my scar after I had a mx (no reconstruction) and radiotherapy to the extent that I looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame and was very lopsided. It ached so much and was very stiff. The surgeon was particularly worried about the swelling above my collarbone so had an ultrasound done and it was fine. I had 18 months of physio, kinesio taping and some lymphatic massage and it helped so much - not gone completely but almost normal now and if it all starts to ache and swell again then I just ask to be referred back.

Guess I’m saying, try not to worry and it could be plenty of other things and it’s better it gets checked. Ask them if it could be lymphoedema there - mine was unusual in its position but at least it was treatable.

Good luck, Liz